May 23, 2013, 12:41 PM

How retailers can keep criminal software from creeping through site security

Easy Solutions monitors web site transactions and shuts down malware attacks.

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Malicious software programs—commonly called malware—can creep onto an online shopping device without detection from an antivirus program, stealing a consumer’s personal information and allowing a criminal to make fraudulent transactions on her behalf.

To help stop their spread, fraud prevention technology provider Easy Solutions Inc. this week released a tool that e-retailers can deploy to monitor for fraud while transactions are happening and shut down attacks before they go through, the company says.

Retailers can customize the software, called DetectTA Retail, to receive alerts by text message or e-mail when the software detects suspicious activity, Easy Solutions says. (The “TA” in DetectTA stands for transaction anomaly.)

Malware comes in several varieties, including viruses that self-replicate on a consumer’s personal machine, “adware” that automatically displays or downloads advertising on a computer, or so-called “backdoor” software that, once installed on a machine, allows a criminal to control it remotely. Easy Solutions combines two fraud detection methods to find malware, it says. It collects information about a customer’s connections to an e-commerce site, such as her location, operating system, history of visits to the site and time of day. It also scans the e-retailer’s files and memory processes while transactions are happening. DetectTA looks at both sides of the transaction to determine whether the customer is actually a piece of malware pretending to be a person buying something and if the e-commerce site is transmitting any malware to its shoppers.

Once a problem is detected, the tool automatically stops the transaction, either by deactivating a customer’s connection, if her machine is the source, or by deleting any of the e-retailer’s files that will infect a user’s machine  if it comes in contact with one of them during the transaction, Easy Solutions says.

“By analyzing user profiles while simultaneously detecting anomalous transactional data we are able to help our customers remediate potential issues before a transaction is processed,” chief technology officer Daniel Ingevaldson says.

Easy Solutions says DetectTA Retail is priced per qualified transaction, starting at 25 cents per transaction.

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