May 23, 2013, 11:49 AM

ControlScan launches an e-commerce system with hosted payment page

The Instant eCommerce system includes payment security features.

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ControlScan, a provider of online payment security technology, has introduced a combined e-commerce and payment security offering that includes a hosted payment page designed to keep payment card data outside of a retailer’s own infrastructure.

ControlScan offers the system, which it calls Instant eCommerce, as a white-label product through payment processers and merchant acquirers who offer it to merchants. The system is intended for small merchants with 10 or fewer employees, a spokeswoman says.

When a shopper clicks to make a payment on an e-commerce site using the Instant eCommerce system, the information she enters goes into a secure form hosted in ControlScan's data center. Then ControlScan securely transmits the data to the payment processor. The system is designed to free merchants from the risk of storing and transacting payment card account data and ensure that they meet the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards—a set of rules created by payment card networks to secure stored and transacted payment card information to protect cardholder data.

ControlScan’s suggested pricing for merchants using Instant eCommerce ranges from a $40 setup fee, $40 per month and $0.12 per transaction for up to 550 monthly transactions, to a $300 set-up fee, $300 per month and $0.09 per transaction for up to 5,000 monthly transactions. The system can also accommodate larger merchants under special contracts, the company says.

But the actual prices charged to merchants are set by the payment processors and merchant acquirers and may be more or less than ControlScan’s suggested pricing, the company says.

ControlScan doesn’t publicly disclose the names of the payment processors and merchant acquirers it sells through. Merchant acquirers are companies that sign up merchants to accept credit card transactions from consumers; the acquirers may also handle the payment processing tasks of authorizing and settling payment transactions with credit card banks, though some acquirers pass on the processing to third-party payment processors.

ControlScan developed Instant eCommerce after acquiring CRE Secure a year ago for an undisclosed price. CRE Secure brought ControlScan the hosted payment page technology, which ControlScan has since built into the Instant eCommerce system including web hosting and a shopping cart.

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