May 8, 2013, 9:29 AM

Web Experience Management is Simplified by Crafter Software

New Company Provides Best of Breed Software and Services for Building Engagement Across all Digital Online Channels.

MAY 7, 2013—(RESTON, VA.)—Crafter Software Corp., a new spinoff of Rivet Logic Corp., is now offering web content and web experience management software enabling its customers to deliver strategic content tailored to end users through multiple online channels. Crafter Software’s offerings are based on the Crafter CMS open source project (previously Crafter Rivet), letting companies develop and manage rich web and mobile experiences. Numerous companies, including media and retail giants and others in the Fortune 500 as well as major government agencies have already benefitted from Crafter deployments.

"Acquiring an enterprise license from Crafter Software for web content management enabled our marketing and web development teams to easily deliver dynamic and engaging content, while knowing we have Crafter experts on-hand for support,” said Stephen Ceplenski, senior director of web services at YouSendIt.  "Using Crafter’s next generation technology, we are able to quickly develop targeted content for our brand, and easily integrate with a SaaS translation system to manage sites in multiple languages."

The New Crafter Software

Unlike legacy systems that were built just for web content, Crafter Software solutions were designed from the ground up to easily tap into disparate data sources from social media, ERPs, CRMs, marketing campaign systems, and others to create a dynamic web experience that is specifically targeted to an individual user. Crafter Software’s solutions are offered as both a Community Edition under the GNU General Public License and as an Enterprise Edition with a commercial license and global support. The Enterprise Edition provides leading organizations with a certified, supported stack that is thoroughly tested against various operating systems, databases, and enterprise platforms to deliver best-in-class web content and web experience management.

In its first act as a new company, Crafter Software today released Crafter Studio v. 2.2, which provides native integration with Alfresco, the premier open platform for business-critical content management that supports on-premise, cloud, and hybrid-cloud deployments.

Crafter Studio and Crafter Engine, the company’s two initial offerings, work together to deliver superior web content authoring, publishing and personalized content delivery:

• Crafter Studio, is an authoring and publishing solution that includes user-friendly features for marketers and content editors including WYSIWYG  authoring, in-context preview and editing, workflow, integrated third-party analytics and multi-channel publishing. In version 2.2, business users can now graphically create rich website layouts and dynamic experiences with drag-and-drop component placement.  This new version also enables easier and faster publishing across all channels, and Enterprise Edition users will benefit from certified releases and support for all major enterprise databases with new support for Microsoft SQL Server and Postgres.

• Crafter Engine, is a high performance content delivery system that provides developers with the foundation for building web and mobile applications. In turn this enables business users to create engaging, personalized experiences for end users.

“We have seen tremendous commercial demand for Crafter’s modern, open and well-designed solutions in a variety of industries,” said Mike Vertal, CEO of Crafter Software and Rivet Logic.  “With hundreds of sites now in production and interest surging from major organizations around the world, we knew the time was ripe to spinoff a new company entirely focused on continued development and global support of Crafter.”

“The Crafter CMS open source project was born out of the need to seamlessly connect the world-class content management functionality of Alfresco with enterprise users who need to manage web content and deliver optimized web and mobile experiences elegantly,” said Russ Danner, the project lead for the open source Crafter CMS project at Rivet Logic and an initial employee at Crafter Software. “Since the beginning of the project over five years ago, we have built a powerful solution in concert with hundreds of our enterprise customers who recognize that a new kind of web content platform is needed for this new era of customer engagement.”

Several firms are lining up to provide professional services focused on Crafter-based solutions.   In addition to Rivet Logic, early members of Crafter Software’s global partner program include Blue Fish Development Group and Tribloom in North America, along with Sourcesense in Europe. 

“We are very impressed with the Crafter products and are excited to be a channel partner.  Our clients have long sought a full WCM  solution that provides both a great experience for business users combined with robust enterprise-class content management on the back end,” said Jeff Philipp, CEO of Blue Fish Development Group. “Until now that really didn’t exist, but the combination of Crafter Studio, Crafter Engine and Alfresco finally makes that a reality.  We know our clients will be enthusiastic.”

"There is a big gap in the open source web content management market, especially in the enterprise Java space,” said Michael McCarthy, president of Tribloom, Inc. “Crafter fills that gap.”

"Sourcesense has focused on open source in Europe since 2006, helping enterprises excel in delivering value,” said Mario Lanzillotta, executive vice president, Sales and Marketing, Sourcesense. “As an established provider in our market and a longstanding partner of Alfresco, we are very proud and happy to support Crafter, which we believe is the next generation of web content and experience management software.”

About Crafter Software

Crafter Software (Reston, Va.) enables the creation of rich and engaging websites, mobile applications, and multi-channel digital experiences. The company’s software solutions are based on the award-winning Crafter CMS open source project, which was built from the ground up as a modern platform for creating more relevant web experiences through targeted delivery of personalized content. Serving as the lynchpin between enterprise systems and end users, Crafter’s solutions enable marketing, sales and support teams to author and manage content while harvesting analytics and data-driven insights to deliver engaging experiences across all digital channels—the web, mobile, social, and more. For more information, visit and

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