February 21, 2013, 9:33 AM

SearchForce Will Support Google Enhanced Campaigns

Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns represents a significant change in how AdWords campaigns operate. Advertisers will be required to adjust their strategies and make the transition by June.

San Mateo, CA February 20, 2013 -- SearchForce, a provider of innovative performance-based technology for managing paid search and social media campaigns, announced that the company’s platform will fully support Google “Enhanced Campaigns” by mid-March, 2013 – and will introduce a new recommendation engine for adjusting bids for mobile devices.

Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns represents a significant change in how AdWords campaigns operate. Advertisers will be required to adjust their strategies and make the transition by June.

“Everyone’s concerned about these changes – especially how advertisers will be prepared to handle this complex transition,” explained SearchForce Chief Technology Officer Santhosh Nair. “We’re making sure our clients have access to the right performance marketing solutions that will fully support these changes well before they are required.”

A recent post by Nair analyzed some of the key issues facing advertisers who must cope with these upcoming changes, specifically the strategic adjustments required for bidding on desktop vs. mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

SearchForce also announced that the company will be releasing a proprietary recommendation engine for mobile bid adjustments that will support various marketing strategies, including both traffic and conversion acquisition goals.

“Enhanced campaigns pose a significant change to how advertisers will manage desktop, mobile and tablet based campaigns,” said David Rodnitzky, CEO of PPC Associates, a leading search agency and SearchForce client.

“Given that advertisers will automatically be opted into mobile, it’s essential to think through a comprehensive strategy that includes transition planning, optimal campaign structures and the right mobile site experience,” he added. “ We’re pleased that as a major strategic partner, SearchForce is quickly adapting to these innovations so we can be successful for our own clients – and do so in a way that makes this transition as seamless as possible.”

With the upcoming update, all new requirements for the Google API will be supported, with features that include:


   - A bid multiplier recommendation engine based on traffic or conversion acquisition strategies

   - Complete bi-directional synchronization support

    Ability to create and edit enhanced campaigns

   - Functionality to set and adjust mobile bids and ad device preferences

 - Ability to display Google’s suggested bid adjustment

  - Upgrade to enhanced campaigns directly through the SearchForce user interface

For more information on SearchForce and its support for Google Enhanced Campaigns, visit http://www.searchforce.com, or call (650) 235-8777.

Founded in 2004, SearchForce delivers leading-edge, high-performance online marketing tools that automate complex campaign design, deployment, and management processes across the digital marketing landscape – including search, social, display, and mobile channels.

In addition to sophisticated bid optimization and campaign management, SearchForce also offers strategic account and technology services, an integrated cross-channel attribution solution, automated campaign builder to speed implementation, support for localized campaigns worldwide, and the industry’s leading bid optimization solutions that dramatically improve ROI. For more information call 650.235.8777 or visit http://www.searchforce.com.


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