January 31, 2013, 10:03 AM

More products, not discounts, boost e-mail marketing for Galls.com

The e-retailer of law enforcement gear stuffs dozens of items into e-mails.

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Galls.com, an e-retailer that sells gear, shoes and clothes designed for law enforcement officers, has determined that its shoppers don’t get fatigued after seeing dozens of product stuffed into e-mail marketing messages.  

Working with marketing services provider Listrak, the e-retailer, like others, tests various versions of its marketing messages, including different subject lines, to figure out what can best tempt shoppers to open those e-mails and then make a purchase. Marvin Toller, the marketing business analyst for Galls.com, says one lesson it has recently learned from those tests is that it’s best not to include a discount offer in the subject line. “People pretty much know that when they get an e-mail from us, there will be an offer,” he says, so adding an offer to the subject line does little to persuade more consumers to open the messages.

But ongoing tests of e-mail templates—Listrak can segment e-mail subscribers and run A/B testing on different formats—has showed Galls.com that shoppers tend to react favorably to the e-retailer featuring dozens of products in those messages. Consumers can then click on those products to buy from the Galls.com e-commerce site.

Toller says the e-retailer had worried that stuffing too many products into e-mails would cause the messages to “scroll  and scroll forever,” taxing the patience of receivers and diluting the punch of the marketing effort, as products toward the bottom might get ignored. But going from three or four products in an e-mail marketing message to as many as 30 or 32 has produced enough clicks and sales to convince Galls that recipients are indeed browsing the entire product list in e-mails, clicking through to the end and not stopping the scroll after a few items.

Toller wouldn’t get specific, but he says Galls.com is more than pleased with the results. “The more product you put into an e-mail, the more success you get,” he says.

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