January 29, 2013, 4:05 PM

Android Tablet Pre-Loads NuWallet As Featured App

Gives users secure control of their digital wallet

DALLAS, Jan. 29, 2013 – NuWallet, Inc., a mobile personal information management and on-line payment application provider, announced the NuWallet app will be pre-loaded on all Android tablets by Rapids Wireless Corporation.

The NuWallet app serves as a digital wallet for mobile devices providing users complete privacy and security of their personal information, while also giving consumers flexibility in their on-line payment options – all in a simple-to-use and easy-to-manage application.

“Rapids Wireless was looking for a unique app that would securely protect the user’s personal information,” said David Thompson , CEO of Rapids Wireless. He further stated “tablets are the consumer’s device of choice for accessing and storing personal information and quickly becoming the ‘de-facto’ device for shopping over the Internet. Having NuWallet pre-loaded on all of our tablets re-enforces the need to provide secure, useful applications for our customers.”

In a feature called “MyNotes“, the NuWallet app securely stores sensitive information such as passwords; banking/investment/payment account numbers; health & prescription data; insurance information; airline and hotel loyalty programs; car information, etc. “By storing personal information within the NuWallet app, it returns control of information security to the owner,” said George Hendrix , President of NuWallet. “This technology all but eliminates the ability for a hacker to gain access to the user’s personal information which is encrypted and can only be accessed by entering the user’s unique security PIN. Having NuWallet pre-loaded on Rapid Wireless’ tablets confirms the growing importance of protecting the mobile user’s personal information,” Hendrix added.

As tablets become more ubiquitous as the standard platform for on-line shopping, Internet-based merchants can now integrate NuWallet’s technology to enable their customers a quick, single-tap check-out for mobile, on-line commerce transactions. The consumer has the ability to select which payment instrument they wish to use (i.e. debit card, credit card, merchant card, etc.) at the moment of check-out. This greatly simplifies the on-line mobile payment process and enables the purchase to be completed in just a few seconds.

Not only is the NuWallet app pre-loaded on the Rapids Wireless tablet, it is also available for free at Apple’s App Store and at Google Play for iPhone or Android mobile devices.

About NuWallet:

NuWallet is a patent-pending technology of NuWallet, Inc. and was founded by a team of industry veterans with a vast amount of experience in credit card processing; merchant services; banking and cash management, and the Internet-security industry.

About Rapids Wireless:

Rapids Wireless provides high-quality, high-value Android tablets. They primarily sell through their network of dealers and also welcome dealer inquiries anywhere in the continental US. www.rapidswireless.com

To learn more about NuWallet, visit our website at www.nuwallet.com.

Contact: George Hendrix @ 214.904.8447

Email: george@nuwallet.com

Information: info@nuwallet.com

Website: http://www.nuwallet.com

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