January 3, 2013, 11:58 AM

One data feed for comparison engines and mobile commerce

SingleFeed and mShopper debut a combined technology offering.

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The retailer is among the first to use the combined technology offering.

SingleFeed and mShopper have partnered to provide retailers a combined technology offering that enables merchants to simultaneously deliver their product information to the leading comparison shopping web sites and create mobile commerceweb sites.

“Many SMBs realize they are missing a huge opportunity but do nothing because they think they can’t afford a mobile solution,” says SingleFeed CEO Mike Effle. “Now they can be mobile-ready in just a couple of days using the same data feed they send to SingleFeed for optimization across our other marketing channels.”

To use the combined service, a retailer transmits its product data feed to SingleFeed, which optimizes the feed for use by 35 comparison shopping engines, including Google Shopping, Amazon Product Ads, PriceGrabber, Shopping.com, Shopzilla and Nextag. SingleFeed’s technology optimizes data feeds based on an ongoing record it maintains of how shopping engines want data presented.

“Shopping engines change their rules and categories all the time. This is very time-consuming for merchants, but SingleFeed makes sure they are always up to date,” Effle says. “We also have a team of people here in the U.S. to review each product to ensure that it is correctly listed on each engine.”

Mobile commerce technology provider mShopper then takes the same data feed transmitted from the retailer to SingleFeed and runs it through its software, which automatically generates a mobile-optimized product details page for every product in the feed. Retailers use mShopper’s software dashboard to select design elements such as fonts and colors, set shipping and order processing rules, and create the home page and informational pages.

“The mobile commerce site is hosted by mShopper,” says Ken Barber, vice president of marketing at mShopper. “To start selling, the merchant pastes in a mobile phone redirect code, provided by mShopper, to their e-commerce site, and mobile shoppers will automatically be redirected to the mobile store. Since merchants already update their feeds daily, and even hourly, to distribute to other shopping sites, mShopper receives the same updates and both e-commerce and m-commerce are kept in sync.”

MShopper also uses elements from a retailer’s product data feed in text message marketing programs.

KitchenKrafts.com is among the first retailers to use the combined technology. “We entered our SingleFeed credentials into the mShopper platform and our mobile store was automatically created,” says KitchenKrafts.com CEO Dean Sorensen. “We keep just one feed updated, and both our shopping engines and our mobile store remain updated and selling.”

SingleFeed and mShopper declined to reveal the cost of the new service, but a SingleFeed spokesman says that retailers that use both services will only pay for one if they sign up by the end of January 2013.

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