December 14, 2012, 11:17 AM

AbanteCart is pleased to announce release of version 1.1.2 of its Open Source eCommerce application

The main features incorporated into the build allows AbanteCart to now instantly translate text content in any language.

AbanteCart open source eCommerce solution is now proud and pleased to announce that AbanteCart 1.1.2 has now been finalized and released. The main features incorporated into the build allows AbanteCart to now instantly translate text content in any language – based on the visitors preference. All of the product details, site text and pages are instantly and easily translated into any desired language. In addition, security improvement and numerous performance improvements have been implemented into the AbanteCart v1.1.2.

As AbanteCart drives forward and aims to become one of the best eCommerce application currently available, the software upgrades will continue to roll out.

About AbanteCart

AbanteCart become established as one of the most powerful open-source eCommerce platforms. Since it’s launch, AbanteCart has been used on thousands of websites and has helped drive businesses into the future through the benefits of a comprehensive and completely powerful eCommerce shopping cart system. Thanks to donations from loyal members and supporters, AbanteCart has managed to stay completely free and open-source. However, just because AbanteCart is free to download and use doesn’t mean that the software is lacking in features. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. AbanteCart is one of the most comprehensive eCommerce platforms currently available, and is backed by a professional team of developers and coders.

AbanteCart build with unique and innovative architecture and has been designed with the user in mind. This enables people with small or no experience to get grips with AbanteCart almost instantly. AbanteCart has also been designed with experienced user in mind and provide advanced tools with greater UI. Users do not need any programming skills, knowledge of code, or previous cart experience to use application.

In addition to great user interface, AbanteCart core code is flexible and empowered with special extension's API to allow expandability to any specific and demanding eCommerce requirement.  With this in mind, properly extended AbnateCart applications can be upgraded in the future without any hassle.

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