December 4, 2012, 8:58 AM Launches a Video Blog

This new vlog will act as a central place to house the many product, demo, and how-to films that they create each week.

November 30, 2012 (Hillsboro, OR) –, a top Internet retailer, recently launched a new video blog, This new vlog will act as a central place to house the many product, demo, and how-to films that they create each week.

Two years ago, Jeff McRitchie, VP of Marketing, and his team delved into the world of video marketing. McRitchie and his team gathered manufacturer's videos and began making their own, posting them all on their YouTube channel. Today, they have grown into a YouTube partner with over 2.7 million views on their 2000+  videos. They are the expert if you have any questions about binding, laminating, shredding, or a variety of other topics.

“When someone has a question about anything in our industry, we want to be the place they turn,” said McRitchie. “We want to be known as the binding experts.”

With the vast amount of contact on their new videos blog, MyBinding has positioned themselves as just that: experts. Previously they dominated article marketing, showcasing their knowledge in the written form. But with the increase in spam published under the guise of articles and the corresponding devaluation by Google of those sites, it was time to look ahead for a new strategy. Video is now the informational powerhouse that articles used to be.

“Articles used to dominate the search rankings,” McRitchie noted. “Now you see videos popping up all over the place. Customers are beginning to expect a video on product pages.”

Video enhances product listings by showing people exactly what they're looking at, more so than photographs. Of their 2000 videos, much of the content focuses on demonstrations of products ranging from small wire spines up to very large paper shredders and heavy duty binding machines. A good portion of their film library offers how-to tutorials, such as how to change the die or how to make a photo book. They also have clips with crafting ideas, comparisons, even a few humorous ones. If there's a video they haven't made of a question commonly asked, they make it.

“I always take suggestions for new videos,” said Mark Colligan, head videographer. “If we can answer a question for a customer, then we've done our job.”

Colligan started his filming career at MyBinding in a small makeshift studio, finishing the voice-over at home. He began with a video on how to use coil crimping pliers and went from there. Now he films with multiple cameras in a studio outfitted with quality lighting shining down on a white table and backdrop. Demo and sample items stack up outside his door for filming, no matter how small. Ideas come from the marketing team, customer questions, Internet queries, and more.

“We have a ton of knowledge about the products we sell,” said McRitchie when asked why a video blog. “We get questions from customers every day. This is a way to put all that knowledge into one place for people to view.” is a division of Information Management Services, LLC. The company is based in Hillsboro, Oregon, and offers the Internet's largest selection of binding equipment, laminators, and document finishing devices and supplies. For more information, they can be reached at 1-800-944-4573. Their blog, located at, also contains information about the company and the products they sell.

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