November 27, 2012, 2:17 PM Vintage meets modern

Modcloth uses a vintage feel and sense of community to sell women's fashion.

Lead Photo sells women’s clothes that typically have a vintage feel, but the e-retailer’s approach is all modern. For starters, the e-commerce site is bright and clean, reminiscent of a crisply lit, perfectly organized boutique. Modcloth also embraces the democratic tendencies of the web through its “Be the Buyer” program. Consumers vote on which clothes and designs will go up for sale, and campaign for their favorites by sharing items via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The feeling of inclusion, possibility and old-fashioned class is further developed by the lengthy, somewhat floral, product descriptions. “All eyes will be fixated on this luxe combo of beige lace and black satin as your black, gem-adorned heels carry you to the bar,” reads a description for one dress.

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