November 27, 2012, 1:19 PM Inspired by color invites you to be inspired by color as you shop online.

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Color gets major play at, the e-commerce site of Ibex Outdoor Clothing, a retailer of wool clothing for men, women and children. The top navigation tabs for Men’s and Women’s clothing feature a “browse by color” option that lets visitors click color swatches to view everything the retailer sells in those particular colors. The retailer calls out color’s influence throughout the site. Noting its fall line in its blog, it says: “The colors of the harvest are the colors of health and warmth that will sustain us through the upcoming winter.” The site also calls on staffers for their opinions on the latest products; a series of video clips features employees describing what they like best and why. The retailer’s two Twitter leads—@Ibexgirl and @Ibexdude—also act as models for hats in the site’s “hat-o-matic” visualizer.


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