November 16, 2012, 3:18 PM

Amazon offers to put your face on its gift cards—and make them into videos

The e-retailer launches a personalized video gift card service using JibJab.

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Is it enough to merely stuff a retail gift card into a stocking, or does the modern holiday spirit require an extra dose of personalization and video humor? Inc. posed that question today with the launch of video gift cards that consumers can decorate with photos.

Amazon Video Gift Cards are structured around videos from digital media and online entertainment company JibJab. Gift givers via can select from a variety of brief “JibJab Starring You” videos designed to amuse—or perhaps pull the ponytails of—receivers.

Those videos include such scenarios as an elf snowball fight, German polka, a hair-metal rock performance, disco Christmas and something called The Buttcracker, apparently a parody of the famous two-act holiday ballet. A consumer uploads a photo to the Amazon site to personalize the videos—for instance, putting his own or the recipient’s mug below the exploding black hair of the rock guitarist—before specifying the amount of the card. The consumer sends the card via e-mail or posts it to the recipient’s Facebook wall.

Amazon, No. 1 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, says senders can put up to $2,000 on the gift cards, which can be sent immediately or scheduled for future shipment.

“We think customers will love uploading a family photo to one of our entertaining holiday-themed video gift cards and enjoy the engaging gift-giving experience of the new Amazon Video Gift Cards this season,” says Max Bardon, general manager, Amazon Gift Cards.

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