November 13, 2012, 9:22 AM

Zenya Updates its Keyword Generation Platform

The updates significantly improve cross-product functionality allowing users to access the best features associated with each of Zenya’s offerings.

CHICAGO and NEW YORK, November 8, 2012 – Zenya (, which offers the world’s first categorical repository of search engine marketing keywords, today at ad:tech NY unveiled updates to Zenya Mapping, Zenya Match and Zenya Categories. The updates significantly improve cross-product functionality allowing users to access the best features associated with each of Zenya’s offerings.

“Zenya was designed from the ground up with the digital marketer in mind,” said Stephen Scarr, CEO of Zenya. “With each update, we strive to improve the user experience by minimizing the challenges inherent in SEM campaigns. These updates give digital marketers more insight and control, no matter which Zenya product they use, and let them access the right data faster.”

The latest updates to the Zenya platform improve data retrieval and manipulation. The performance throughput of Zenya Mapping has been dramatically increased, providing marketers with immediate insight into their large datasets. For broad match campaigns, clients can leverage the Zenya taxonomy to identify irrelevant keywords in ad groups and add them as negative matches for a more efficient program. Beyond that, keywords can now be mapped into more than 375,000 unique categories, and a new keyword category sampling feature provides an extended view of the keyword category path. These updates combine to provide instant intelligence on keyword portfolios to easily identify opportunities or problem areas.

Zenya Match, now connected to approximately 1.5 billion search terms, gains the ability to automate the initial steps of ad group creation. For any exported dataset, even heavily customized outputs, Zenya can instantly return not just keywords but also their associated categories. This enables marketers to implement ad groups faster.

In Zenya Categories, users can now apply filters within categories to focus results to only the most relevant keywords for any given campaign. Zenya’s filters can control keyword sets by specifying character count, eliminating invalid terms, excluding adult terms and terms banned by search engines, incorporating negative terms, and including or suppressing brand names. This improved flexibility to quickly distill relevant keywords greatly aids campaign strategy and planning.

Zenya’s unique categorical approach to keyword generation enables marketers to scale efficiently without sacrificing relevance. Refreshed regularly from numerous licensed sources, Zenya’s database only includes actual search queries. Zenya provides digital marketers with the most sophisticated keyword structure, speeding keyword discovery, efficiency of spend and increasing online reach.

Visit Zenya at ad:tech NY at booth number 1731.

About Zenya:

Zenya rapidly identifies untapped growth opportunities for digital marketers with intelligent keyword data. Zenya delivers actionable keyword sets in any vertical through a simple Web-based user interface that accesses the world’s largest repository of keywords and categories trained by subject matter experts. Zenya contains approximately 1.5 billion keywords and more than 800 million keywords already categorized by consumer intent, with more added constantly. Zenya, an business, is based in Chicago. To learn more, visit

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