November 13, 2012, 9:06 AM

Troop ID Launches Technology for Brands to Connect Online with the Military Community

This new technology unlocks the opportunity for military-friendly brands to reach and market directly to as many as 26 million members of the military and veteran community who collectively represent more than $800 billion in household income.

McLean, VA -- November 13, 2012--Veteran-owned and operated Troop ID announced today that they have launched revolutionary technology that authenticates and verifies military credentials, which, until today, was not possible on any ecommerce platform. Debuting the same week as Veterans Day, this new technology unlocks the opportunity for military-friendly brands to reach and market directly to as many as 26 million members of the military and veteran community who collectively represent more than $800 billion in household income.

The majority of veterans have no federally issued, easily transported form of credentials to validate their service. The veteran population is also particularly difficult to reach because they disperse throughout the country once discharged from their units. Currently there are various state- and national-level efforts to provide physical ID for veterans, but even when this is addressed, there is still the dilemma of an absence of a digital identity credential to verify veteran status. This prevalent issue is only exacerbated as payments and consumer purchasing habits trend towards digital platforms.

Founded by two former Army Rangers, Troop ID allows eligible users to tie their e-mail to their military credentials by visiting Once verified, they can then use the Troop ID Widget to claim discount vouchers with a variety of national brands. Consequentially, for the first time ever, military-friendly brands can offer discounts online to recognize military service without fear of fraud and abuse from non-eligible users.

Troop ID Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Blake Hall described the verification widget as the means to ultimately bridge the long-standing civilian/military divide: "Without a way to verify military credentials, brands are unable to deliver discounts to service members and veterans online. Troop ID solves that problem. On the surface, it looks like we are allowing brands to give service members discounts online, but what we are really doing is letting service members and veterans know that Americans care."

Several large brands, including Under Armour (NYSE: UA), are launching merchant partnerships with Troop ID this week. Look for Troop ID verification on UA's desktop site first, then expanding to mobile site in the coming weeks. Startup America has also endorsed Troop ID as a best practice for its regions as a means to gate identity for veteran-centric events.

"For over a decade, Under Armour has provided our nation’s heroes with state-of-the-art performance gear to help them with the toughest of jobs, protecting our freedom, " said David Demsky, VP Operations, E-Commerce, Under Armour. "We have had a long-standing military discount  in our stores and we are thrilled to partner with Troop ID to extend that discount online on for active military, veterans, and their families. "

Hall elaborates: "It’s great validation to have Under Armour, a brand well known for its support of the military community, join this launch as one of our flagship merchant partners. Our mission is to reward a life of service and we believe that little acts of kindness do more than save us money; they bring us closer together. We’re proud to launch TroopID today as a small way of honoring veterans and all who have served and sacrificed so much to keep us safe and preserve our freedom."

About Troop ID 
Troop ID is a Single Sign On that allows members of the military community to claim benefits while online. Our mission is to reward a life of service. We limit eligibility to veterans, service members, and  their immediate family members. Additional information may be found on the Troop ID web site, which may be accessed at

About Under Armour, Inc. 
Under Armour® (NYSE: UA) is a leading developer, marketer, and distributor of branded performance apparel, footwear, and accessories. The Company's products are sold worldwide and worn by athletes at all levels, from youth to professional, on playing fields around the globe. The Under Armour global headquarters is in Baltimore, Maryland, with European headquarters in Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium, and additional offices in Denver, Hong Kong, Toronto, and Guangzhou, China. For further information, please visit the Company's website at

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