November 5, 2012, 4:22 PM

Many tablet and smartphone owners will be mobile holiday shoppers

27% of mobile device owners plan to use them for holiday shopping.

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27% of consumers who own smartphones or tablets will use them for their holiday shopping this year, according to a poll of 2,523 online adults ages 18 and older conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of

When it comes to smartphone use, research ranks as the top mobile activity. 70% of smartphone users polled who plan to use their devices for shopping activities say they will use their smartphones to do research ahead of their store trips. Additionally, 59% will use smartphones to do research while in a store, 58% will shop from their smartphones, 53% will use them to redeem coupons and 48% to search for coupons.

83% of those who will use their smartphones for holiday shopping cite convenience as the main reason, says.

"With mobile devices making many everyday tasks easier, shoppers are embracing them this holiday season," says Jackie Warrick, president and chief savings officer at "Not only will shoppers use them to make purchases and trim their to-buy lists, but the research they do on them will help them save time, make good buying decisions and ultimately, save money."

Additionally, 67% of smartphone owners polled also say they are at least somewhat likely to use a bar code scanning app to scan coupons and save them for later use. 30% say they are not at all likely to use such an app and 3% say they already use bar code scanning apps for this purpose.

69% of smartphone owners are at least somewhat likely to download an app on their smartphone that would enable them to store multiple loyalty cards on their devices rather than in a wallet or purse. 30% answered that they are not at all likely to do this and 6% say they already do this with a smartphone app.

Also today, added a new camera feature to its coupon shopping app that enables consumers to take a picture of a coupon, scan the bar code and save it to their device as a digital coupon. Another new feature lets shoppers do the same with their loyalty cards. Users can snap a picture of a loyalty card, such as their grocery store member savings card or drug store discount card, and scan the bar code to create a digital card that is stored in the app. Then, when a shopper is checking out, a merchant can scan the smartphone as she would a card. However, many stores have not upgraded their registers to scan bar codes on mobile phones—conventional bar code scanners won’t read codes on phone screens. If merchants are not able to scan bar codes from mobile devices, they can enter the numbers manually. CouponCabin has included a disclosure message in the app that this technology is new and acceptance of it is at a merchant’s own discretion. 

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