October 24, 2012, 9:23 AM

AbanteCart Releases Version 1.1 of its Open Source E-Commerce Tool

With AbanteCart version 1.1 arrival, small and medium ecommerce merchants or simply web store owners will spend much less time on tuning and managing shopping cart application.

AbanteCart has released a version 1.1 of open source ecommerce application. Version 1.1 of AbanteCart included over 10 new features and improvements, such as quick data look up and edit, data import/export, improved multi-store management,  improved stock tracking,  and many other exciting features.  A number of new extensions are added in support of newly introduced features.

With AbanteCart version 1.1 arrival, small and medium ecommerce merchants or simply web store owners will spend much less time on tuning and managing shopping cart application. AbanteCart design and development team put enormous effort into making AbanteCart easy to use without loosing its power of features and core flexibility.

Compare to other eCommerce solutions, AbanteCart is fast running, optimized to utilize less resources, empowered with well organized user interface to achieve most administrative tasks fast and efficient.

Among many new features, there are some important once that worth mentioning. Search of information in the admin interface is made extremely efficient, and gives ability to quickly locate data, review and edit, without leaving current page. Ability to install extensions and upgrade application right from admin interface, is another feature, that makes AbanteCart more superior and well supported. One more new feature, is extremely simple process of setting up new stores to be managed under same application.

In addition to new features and improvements, AbanteCart team introduce new extensions to work with current core version and continues to work on new features and expanding fast growing community of developers.

AbanteCart team is working very hard to earn status of "the best eCommerce application" and get its deserved place in the market of open source shopping cart applications.

About AbanteCart

AbanteCart is a shopping cart and eCommerce application that is not only one the best and technologically advanced around, but it is also completely free, thanks to donations and contributions from satisfied users and sponsors. AbanteCart solution enables online businesses of small to medium sizes to have a complete, multifunction eCommerce platform for absolutely no fees or subscription charges.

AbanteCart build with unique and innovative architecture and has been designed with the user in mind. This enables people with small or no experience to get grips with AbanteCart almost instantly. AbanteCart has also been designed with experienced user in mind and provide advanced tools with greater UI. Users do not need any programming skills, knowledge of code, or previous cart experience to use application.

In addition to great user interface, AbanteCart core code is flexible and empowered with special extension's API to allow expandability to any specific and demanding eCommerce requirement.  With this in mind, properly extended AbnateCart applications can be upgraded in the future without any hassle.

AbanteCart has rapidly become popular among small to medium merchants and continues to introduce new features and extensions every day.

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