October 17, 2012, 9:20 AM

comScore Introduces Multi-Platform Campaign Analytics Tool

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– Hernan Lopez, President and CEO, Fox International Channels

“Having insight into ad delivery across platforms enables us to evaluate our media allocation holistically, which can help deliver marketing efficiencies. Individual media channels can be effective at building reach in a particular demographic up to a certain level but invariably reach a point of diminishing marginal returns. The ability to layer other channels on top of our existing TV or digital campaigns can help us further optimize our marketing mix and keep our reach curves moving up and to the right.”

– Aaron Fetters, Director Insights & Analytics Solutions Center, Kellogg Company

“Content today lives in a multi-platform world and advertisers connect with their audiences across multiple touchpoints on a regular basis. Understanding how advertising across media channels – whether it is TV, mobile or web – reaches our viewers and the extent to which our various media channels build reach has significant implication for how we monetize our content. vCE MP offers exactly the sorts of insights needed to quantify the performance of multi-platform advertising and demonstrate the value of our platforms.”

– John Kahan, GM, Business & Customer Intelligence, Microsoft Online Services

“Multi-platform campaign measurement has the potential to unlock significant value for both marketers and media companies. When media platforms remain siloed, optimization only occurs with respect to that medium alone. But when they are integrated, the ability to maximize reach and frequency among the desired consumer targets becomes greatly enhanced.”

– Andrew Ward, Group VP, Comcast Media 360

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