October 2, 2012, 2:02 PM

LoyalBlocks Launches First Automated ‘Walk-In to Check-In’ App

LoyalBlocks Automatically Recognizes Customers, Sends Tailored Promotions Directly to Mobile Devices

LoyalBlocks, the first automated, mobile-based, ‘Walk-In to Check-In’ app for brick & mortar merchants and their customers, announced today the completion of the New York City pilot program and the official launch of the service that will begin rolling out across the U.S.

LoyalBlocks’ revolutionary app provides customers with completely hassle-free, timely and tailored incentives to visit their favorite retailers, and merchants with a highly effective marketing tool that facilitates direct communication with their customers, drives traffic during slow periods, attracts new customers, increases their social media profile, rewards loyalty, tracks visits and enhances every interaction to keep customers coming back.

Over 350 businesses in New York City are already successfully using Loyalblock to help build seamless relationships with their customers, as it automates the check-in process, requiring no ongoing effort for either party with ongoing rewards for both:

  • For Customers: No check-in tapping. No QR code scanning. No NFC swiping. Customers simply download the free LoyalBlocks app, join their favorite retail clubs and just ‘Walk-In to Check-In.’ The app automatically recognizes them, ‘punches’ their mobile punch card and pushes tailored promotions (called ‘Tokens’) directly to their mobile devices.
    • Customers don’t even have to open the app - simply walking in the door triggers a tailored experience.
  • For Merchants:LoyalBlocks is a marketing solution that helps merchants drive traffic at critical times of the day, increases their social media presence and builds long-lasting relationships with new and existing customers by rewarding them individually for their loyalty at the most relevant moment, when they walk through the door, significantly increasing the rate of return, token redemption and customer satisfaction. LoyalBlocks provides merchants with a suite of customizable Tokens that are automatically pushed to customers’ phones:
    • Welcome Token – rewards for 1st time customers
    • Happy Hour Token – a promotion to encourage visits during slow hours
    • Facebook Friends – a referral program that rewards customers for inviting friends to join a certain club and rewards them even more if their friends actually visit
    • Facebook Token – reward customers for checking in with Facebook and maximizing social media exposure
    • Lucky Token – a random, out-of-the-blue Token that rewards a lucky customer
    • Regulars Token – rewards for regular visits that also lets merchants classify customers based on their loyalty over time. The more they visit, the higher their classification, and the better Tokens they receive for their loyalty.

How LoyalBlocks works:

  • Merchants just need to download the LoyalBlocks Business App to any Android handset or tablet, provided by LoyalBlocks, to create an in-store interactive zone that detects club members as they walk in.
  • A simple, self-service online dashboard allows them to manage and monitor their programs and create unique and tailored experiences that get automatically triggered as soon as customers walk in.

"Consumers love loyalty programs, but fumbling with a phone to check-in or scan a code is awkward, tedious and not always worth the effort; punch cards get lost, forgotten or never completed so few customers ever receive their bonus and the time and effort put into creating the promotion by the merchant is all for nothing,” said Ido Gaver, co-founder and CEO of LoyalBlocks. “We’ve created LoyalBlocks to be a total game-changer: a no-effort, rewards-based interaction for both the customer who gets a seamless, hassle-free experience and the merchant who can create killer incentive programs that automatically work.” 

For more information, please visit www.LoyalBlocks.com.

About LoyalBlocks

Founded in 2011, LoyalBlocks is the first ‘Walk-In to Check-In’ mobile app that builds loyalty between brick & mortar merchants and their customers by sending offers and promotions automatically to their mobile devices when they walk through the door. A simple dashboard run from a sole Android device allows merchants to easily set-up and manages their programs. LoyalBlocks is a privately-held company based in New York City.


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