September 20, 2012, 10:26 AM

Medio Systems Makes Big Data Analytics Easier

Available now as part of Medio Systems’ inGenius Suite, the company’s comprehensive set of predictive analytics solutions, Clustomers, enables organizations to automatically surface important results quickly and easily.

SEATTLE – Sept. 20, 2012 – Medio Systems Inc., a leading provider of Big Data Analytics, today announced Clustomers, enabling companies to quickly identify the most significant factors driving user retention and engagement in mobile or Web applications.

Available now as part of Medio Systems’ inGenius Suite, the company’s comprehensive set of predictive analytics solutions, Clustomers enables organizations to automatically surface important results quickly and easily. Utilizing activity and user data captured by Medio’s software development kits (SDK) or via Medio’s Data Collection Service, Clustomers analyzes attributes or features associated with key user segments and summarizes the most important correlations, which have the most business value.

“Clustomers enables us to quickly surface meaningful and actionable correlations among our users without mining through dozens of reports,” said Randy Chung, co-founder of Zhurosoft, a leading mobile game developer. “We are now able to quickly determine who our best customers are and identify commonalities as compared to our baseline users—something we’ve never been able to do before. We can also see which types of users are more likely to stop using our applications. These kinds of quick assessments and analyses are extremely valuable as we look to target our advertising and optimize our users’ experience.”

Medio has applied its proven experience in mobile technology and Big Data to deliver critical information on the key segments and user features that are material to mobile application developers and publishers across a variety of industries. Some data can be directly obtained; for example, device type is usually captured in an application’s logs. Other data, such as inter-session frequency (i.e. how often a user visits your site or uses your application), average session length, or mid-application abandonment, is more complex and requires additional computation and advanced analytics. By analytically determining which features are statistically significant, Clustomers eliminates the reliance and cost of data analysts to filter out findings that may, by pure chance, appear related. Armed with these insights, Medio’s customers can quickly turn data into action.

For example, customers can quickly answer the following questions:

  • What are the top three attributes common to users who are more likely to stop using an application versus the baseline users?
  • Who are the most loyal users and what do they tend to have in common?
  • What types of users use an application only once?
  • Who are the highest lifetime value users and what characteristics distinguish them from the baseline users?

“Medio’s mission is to transform data into an economic asset,” said Rob Lilleness, CEO of Medio Systems. “We understand that for many companies, unearthing patterns in large quantities of data is difficult and time consuming and can often be inaccurate. Simplifying the process of extracting information and making decisions more quickly and easily is critical to their success. These deep insights give our customers the ability to quickly make changes to their customer experience and acquisition efforts that will drive more effective monetization. We have taken predictive analytics to the next level by enabling our customers to easily turn data into action.”

About Medio Systems

Medio Systems Inc. provides predictive analytics solutions for a connected world. Using a Big Data, cloud-based solution, Medio delivers real-time analytics capabilities increasing end-user engagement and transforming data into action and significant business value. Today, Medio's scalable Hadoop platform supports more than 140+ million users generating over 1 billion daily events and serving more than 2 billion personalized recommendations, ads, content, services and offers per month. A privately held company, Medio is backed by Accel Partners, Trilogy Equity Partners, Frazier Technology Ventures and Mohr Davidow Ventures. The company is headquartered in Seattle. For more information, visit

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