September 19, 2012, 10:50 AM

Dell revamps its mobile site

The enhancements include shopping assistance filters and a product comparison tool.

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A screenshot of the Dell mobile site home page

Computer electronics retailer Dell Inc., No. 5 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, has redesigned its mobile commerce site.  The site has a new layout, updated HTML5 navigation with shopping assistance to help consumers pick the right computer system, Dell’s full product image gallery, social sharing, mobile live chat and a product comparison tool. Based on tests, Dell expects the site’s simpler, more intuitive purchase process to boost revenue by 40% per visit, says Brandon McGee, director, global mobile.

“Our mobile solutions are beginning to redefine the business,” he says. “As an example, our mobile revenue is growing so quickly that our performance in Q2 of this year exceeded our Q4 holiday mobile sales from last year.”

Although the former, two-year old mobile commerce site continually out-performed itself—in the first two quarters of this year alone it generated more revenue than in all of 2011—Dell found room to improve customer experience, McGee says. The retailer regularly conducts mobile usability studies, he says.’s new mobile home page features a larger masthead and easy-to-navigate tiles for all product families, as well as one for shopping assistance. The latter is a tool that allows customers to filter product specifications, such as memory options or type of processor, to generate a list of laptop or desktop machines fitting their criteria. Shoppers can reach the assist button directly from the home page or through a Need Help link, which also leads to a list of bestselling products.

Also helping to ease the shopping process is the site’s new product comparison tool, McGee says. It enables shoppers to place up to three separate items in a row and look at their details, side by side, in an expandable list of specification categories. The compare tool is available on both product listing and detail pages, and includes an Add to Cart button.

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