September 18, 2012, 10:18 AM

Salesupply Provides Support for Overseas Warehousing and Fulfillment

In Germany, Salesupply works with, an online retailer that now covers 40 countries.

Salesupply, a company that specialises in helping online shops to expand internationally, is now directing its efforts towards a number of important and emerging e-commerce markets outside Europe. The Dutch agency also plans for the first time to provide support for overseas warehousing and fulfilment.

"We will expand significantly during the coming period", says Jeroen Leenders of Salesupply. "This year, we want to establish branches in Brazil and the USA; next year, it will be the turn of Russia and Australia. We will also keep a very close eye on Asia. In this way we will maintain our focus on large, mature e-commerce markets as well monitoring those in emerging countries. Personally, I have high expectations of Brazil over the next few years due to the rapid economic growth, the exploitation of oil findings, the World Cup and the Olympics. One should not forget that currently only about one in five Brazilians is regularly online. Our customers see a lot of potential in this country."

Salesupply helps companies like Fonq, Omoda, Simply Farben and Azalp with their international sales activities. In Germany, Salesupply works with, an online retailer that now covers 40 countries. Salesupply conducts market research and provides its customers with a translation service, a local mailing address and phone number as well as a domestic account number. On-site staff provide support for the interconnection of payment methods, customer service and tailored advertising.

Salesupply has been helping Dutch webshops with their expansion into France and Germany since the start of 2009. The activities were later extended to other major European e-commerce countries, where local branches were opened. With its entry into new continents, the company is now beginning to act as a broker for warehousing and fulfilment. Leenders said: "In order to sell for example in Brazil or Russia, you must have local storage – something that is not mandatory for the European market. We will continue to help our customers to find partners in this area."

 In the long term, Salesupply wants to open e-commerce offices in all relevant markets. The network will help webshop operators from all major countries to improve their cross-border selling capability.

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