September 6, 2012, 10:08 AM

OrderStorm Adds Digital Download and Upload Features to WordPress Plugin

WordPress Websites Can Now Use OrderStorm eCommerce to Sell Downloadable Files Including Music, Software, and e-Books Plus Get File Uploads of Photos, Logos and Drawings With Customer Orders.

Denver, CO - OrderStorm announces the addition of two file management features to its popular WordPress shopping cart plugin - digital downloads and digital file uploads.  The digital downloads feature can be used alone or in conjunction with other product types already supported by the shopping cart software including physical products, services, and events.  Sell music, e-books, videos, software - any file type can be sold as a download.

“In response to customer demand, OrderStorm has made it VERY easy to set up digital downloads from the product menu,” said Jodie Barr, President of OrderStorm.  “We have added the flexibility that retailers need.  You can have more than one file download for each product plus you can set up digital downloads for ANY product type. So you can set up a digital download for a physical product, like a TV, and include a digital download of the manual.”

Digital downloads can also be applied as features to a product.  For example, you can buy the TV and pay $1 more for a digital download of the manual.

Other new digital downloads features include:

-Downloads can expire after either a set number of days or a set number of downloads.

-File sizes up to 1GB are supported.

-Customer receives email with the download link.

-Link is also displayed to customer on 'Thank You' screen following the order if order is paid for.

-Digital downloads are available with most OrderStorm subscription packages with different limits on the file sizes supported. 

Digital (file) Uploads

The new digital file upload feature allows end users to upload files with their orders. Digital file uploads are great for retailers that need to get logos, photos, diagrams or other files submitted with the order. 

Features of digital uploads include:

-Any file type can be uploaded.

-Upload multiple files with a single order - ex.  Send in the 3 best photos of your cat.

-Settings include a customizable display label, number of files for upload and max file size.

-Customers are prompted to upload their file during the checkout procedure.

-Like Digital Downloads, OrderStorm offers Digital Uploads limited to certain file sizes depending on the subscription.

Why WordPress

The WordPress content management system (CMS) is the first popular standardized framework for building small and medium sized business websites.  Today WordPress powers roughly 30 million websites - almost 20% of all websites worldwide.  In addition, WordPress holds a 55% share of the total market for CMS software.

About OrderStorm

OrderStorm is a high-tech startup in Littleton, Colorado, founded in 2009.  OrderStorm’s female founder, Jodie Barr, is a nationally known e-commerce expert.  OrderStorm brings a feature-rich, PCI compliant, SaaS shopping cart to the millions of small and medium sized business websites running on WordPress. OrderStorm WordPress eCommerce is the platform of choice for WordPress users that need more functionality – customers with large numbers of SKUs, customers that have multiple CSRs working on orders, customers that need drop-shipping automation, and businesses models that require secure storage of credit card data. Visit the website at

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