August 29, 2012, 9:14 AM

New Tool From Maxymiser Optimizes Social Data for E-Commerce Sites

A new solution allows marketers to test, personalize and optimize content and promotions on Facebook.

Maxymiser, the global expert in Customer Experience Optimization, including multivariate testingand personalization, today announced the launch of MaxSOCIAL™, a new solution that allows marketers to test, personalize and optimize content and promotions on Facebook. The solution also helps brands integrate that data, along with Facebook user insights, into existing website optimization and personalization programs, to offer the most relevant customer experience across all online platforms. More information about the new product is available on their website at:

With MaxSOCIAL™ marketers learn what content or offers yield the highest number of fans and “likes” and, even more important, which content drives consumers from a brand’s Facebook page to its ecommerce site. MaxSOCIAL™ also maps the information users share on Facebook onto existing online customer profiles to help brands offer even more relevant, personalized offers. As a result, brands can create an integrated, seamless experience as consumers move between Facebook and the brand’s website.

“Up to this point, Facebook has been a dubious proposition for marketers. On the one hand, over 93% of adults who use the Internet are on Facebook, and therefore, brands can accumulate a significant number of fans. But on average, only 1% of Facebook fans will ever visit a brand’s website. Something doesn’t add up,” explained Mark Simpson, President and Founder of Maxymiser. “MaxSOCIAL bridges this gap by determining what really works on Facebook, and by making brand content more personal and more effective. It’s a simple concept: the better you know your customers, the better you can serve them.”

For brands, these are some key features of MaxSOCIAL™:

Multivariate Test and Personalize Facebook Pages: Test alternative offers, images, text, and pages, as well as segment and personalize content based upon visitor behavior and profiles.

Capture Customer Profile Data from Facebook: Personal information including Age Band, Gender, Country, Locale, User Name, User Image and “Likes,” are available for targeting when visitors authorize access. For example, if a visitor simply links to your website from the Facebook tab, marketers immediately learn their Country and Age Band.

Personalize Websites Using Facebook Profiles: Profile data captured from Facebook can be used to target visitors on your own website. Once users grant authorization to capture Facebook profile data, that is used to create a profile that is used anytime they return to your website.

Target Consistently from Facebook Through Your Website: As a visitor moves from your Facebook page to your website and through to conversion, target them consistently, reinforcing the same messaging and offers that drove them to your site.

Target Your Social Plugins on Your Website: Leverage social plug-ins within your tests and personalization of your website. For example, emphasize options to “like” something for frequent visitors and Facebook users.

Report on Customer Segments and Their Preferences: Match Facebook profile information with the content and offers that drive higher engagement and conversion rates.

MaxSOCIAL™ is the latest innovation from Maxymiser, which from 2011 and 2012, saw a tripling of its US client base and the addition of many flagship clients, including Alaska Airlines, Chrysler, Harry & David, Intercontinental Hotels Group, LIDS, Scotia Bank, Sovereign Bank, Rent the Runway, Teleflora, The Finish Line, and Wyndham Hotel Group, among others.

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