August 29, 2012, 4:19 PM

Mobile traffic surges at dealnews on summer holidays

And most mobile visitors to the aggregated deals site arrive via the iPad.

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A screenshot of the dealnews mobile site. Inc., which scours 2,000 online retail sites each day and chooses at least 200 deals on a variety of products  to feature on its site, finds mobile traffic spikes on summer holidays. For Memorial, Independence and Labor days in 2011 and thus far in 2012, mobile shopper visits rose by at least 30% compared with the average for the three previous workdays, the company says. IPads generate the most traffic, followed by Android devices then iPhones; dealnews did not disclose exact traffic figures.

In the summer of 2011, dealnews reports that:

  • On Memorial Day, 12.69% of site traffic came from mobile, a lift of 38% compared with the previous three workdays on average. That included a 51% lift in traffic from consumers using iPads, 14% from Android devices and 4% from iPhones. 
  • On Independence Day, 14.06% of traffic was mobile, 41% more than on the previous three workdays. Traffic from iPads increased 32% over the three previous workdays; Android devices, 10%; iPhones, no change.
  • On Labor Day, 13.93% of traffic was mobile, 30% more than on the previous three workdays. That included a lift from iPads of 42%; Android devices, 14%; iPhones, 5%.

Meanwhile, so far this summer dealnews says:

  • On Memorial Day, 20.75% of site traffic was mobile, a 42% rise over the previous three workdays on average. The holiday generated a 38% lift in traffic from the iPad, 13% from Android devices and 15% from iPhones.
  • On Independence Day, 22.48% of traffic was mobile, up 43% over the previous three workdays on average. The iPad saw a lift of 43%; Android devices, 26%; iPhones, 27%.

Dealnews has noted that the percentage of site traffic that is mobile has been increasing steadily since it began tracking in 2011. Overall, the first half of 2012 has garnered 70% more traffic from mobile devices than in the same period of 2011, dealnews says.

“Smartphones and tablets are increasingly considered a preferred platform for online shopping for a growing number of people,” says Dan de Grandpre, CEO of dealnews. “Since more people are shopping from their mobile devices now than ever before, it’s imperative that retailers and merchants invest in dedicated mobile sites to improve consumers’ mobile shopping experience.”

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