August 16, 2012, 10:12 AM

Lucky launches mobile and web shopping within its magazine

Shoppers using the MyLucky platform can buy items as they peruse editorial content.

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In the latest example of a fashion magazine turning itself into a shopping portal, Lucky magazine plans to launch tomorrow a new service called MyLucky that will allow readers of the online version of the magazine to buy from such brands as Macy’s, Sephora and Armani.

A shopper logged into MyLucky who sees and likes a dress from Macy’s Inc., for example, will be able to either ‘sticker’ the dress—digitally tagging it with the ability to add it to a wish list—or click through to buy it. The latter option will display the Macy’s product page for the dress through the MyLucky platform. If she buys, the sale will go directly through Macy’s e-commerce site, though in the future MyLucky will facilitate the entire purchasing process through its own shopping cart, the company says.

A page of stickers that readers can use to mark items they want to buy in the magazine rather than dog-earing pages began appearing in Lucky magazine 12 years ago, says Maura Randall, the magazine’s digital marketing director. “Digital stickers will duplicate that experience and elevate it,” she says. Wish lists generated from stickers can be set as public—viewable by other members of MyLucky--or private, adding a more social slant to the magazine shopping. Readers may create multiple lists. They may pick an item’s size and color before adding it, and sign up to be notified and when it goes on sale or is about to go out of stock.

“I think that the most brilliant utility offered is that readers will then be able to recall these lists from any mobile or digital touchpoint to inform or complete shopping both online and in-store,” Randall says. “Mobile is an area of strong growth and we’re very invested in offering a deeply engaging experience for the growing number of mobile readers.”

Digital stickers will roll out this fall, along with links to social networks and personalized product recommendations via MyLucky, the company says. Eventually readers will also be able to ask the magazine’s editors for shopping guidance.

Content from the digital magazine is exclusive to subscribers. Beginning with the October issue, it will include product selections from editors that will be updated daily. Later MyLucky will integrate with the soon-to-launch Lucky Community that will feature content written by influential bloggers chosen by Lucky editors. Additionally, MyLucky will roll out brand-specific shops as another method for readers to shop Lucky’s digital content, the company says.

"MyLucky is the next step in our ongoing mission to create the most engaging content about shopping by integrating an e-commerce program into the ongoing conversations our editors and readers are having about shopping,” says Lucky editor in chief Brandon Holley. “We are thrilled to have pioneered a platform that directly connects those conversations to a broad network of retail and brand partners, creating a shopping experience abundant in choice led by editorial guidance."

Tablet shopping platform developer Revel Touch provided the mobile technology for MyLucky. “This is the future of content merging with commerce, and a huge win for retailers and shoppers alike,” says Revel Touch’s founder and CEO Mar Hershenson.

American Express is partnering with MyLucky to provide special offers to members of the magazine’s online community and exclusive benefits to American Express cardholders. Brand partners launching with MyLucky include Macy’s, No. 14 in the Internet Retailer Top 500; Sephora USA Inc., No. 136; Dior; A/X Armani Exchange, No. 293; and, No. 413.

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