August 15, 2012, 12:32 PM

Startup Helping E-Commerce Businesses Easily Launch into Mobile and Social Commerce

SellerActive helps small vendors with social and mobile commerce, managed through a powerful order management solution.

Salem, OR August 15, 2012--SellerActive, a software startup based in Salem, OR, has launched a suite of services to help e-commerce businesses engage with their customers and to simplify order management across multiple online stores.

Through SellerActive’s mobile site builder, businesses can create a version of their online store that is optimized for mobile devices. This is accomplished through an intuitive design dashboard that allows users to preserve the branding of their companies while creating a smoother shopping experience for customers wherever they may be. This offering is particularly attractive to businesses that generate a substantial amount of local commerce, as over half of all local searches are made using mobile devices.

With SellerActive’s Facebook store builder, businesses can harness the power of Facebook’s social network to draw a tighter connection between “Likes” and sales. Businesses can build their own customized, branded store and add it to their Facebook page in a matter of minutes, providing a new way to engage with customers and encourage product discovery.

SellerActive also offers powerful order management software that simplifies fulfillment across multiple marketplaces, the most time-consuming part of running an e-commerce business. SellerActive integrates its central management hub with Amazon, eBay, Magento, Volusion, and other sales platforms, so businesses don’t need to hop from website to website to get a full picture of their orders. SellerActive's order management solution has fully integrated shipping software featuring automatic carrier rate-shopping, which compares shipping rates in real-time, allowing businesses to save on unnecessary fulfillment costs.

All of SellerActive's services are, by design, targeted exclusively for small and medium-sized businesses. That’s no accident. A number of recent studies indicate that small businesses have the most to gain by expanding into social and mobile commerce. A report by ArgyleSocial, conducted late last year, examined over 500 retailers who had incorporated some sort of social commerce solution. Shockingly, they found that there was little to no correlation between the size of a company’s social audience and its revenue. That means that through social commerce, a small but loyal group of customers can be a more powerful force than a giant marketing budget.

A similar report, part of ExactTarget’s “Subscribers, Fans, & Followers” series, indicates that the most frequently cited reason for engaging companies through Facebook is “to receive discounts and promotions.” The second most cited reason was “to show support for the company to others.” In other words, people “Like” companies because they approve of what the company does and want to save money on the things the companies are selling.

SellerActive believes that small and medium-sized businesses inspire the deepest level of interaction with customers. By leveraging the convenience of omnipresent mobile devices, the connectivity of social media, and by streamlining product management, SellerActive aims to give more opportunities for businesses to engage their customers, drive sales, and lower costs.

All of SellerActive’s services are currently available for a free 30-day trial.

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