August 10, 2012, 10:58 AM

How to embark upon an m-commerce redesign

A MMCF speaker will discuss what to think about when revamping a mobile site.

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Chris Brown, vice president of product strategy at Orbitz LLC

How do you know when a mobile site or app has run its course and needs to be redesigned? That’s a question Chris Brown, vice president of product strategy at Orbitz LLC, will answer during his featured presentation at the 2012 Internet Retailer Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum 2012 Oct. 9 in San Diego during a session entitled “Ready for a redesign? Learning from what you have to make your site better.” 

Orbitz, an online travel company, redesigned its mobile commerce site in 2011, after launching it in 2010. Also in 2011, Orbitz added an iPad app designed to help consumers easily find and book hotels.

Brown says consumers’ expectations about mobile are evolving, which means that merchants need to figure out how to meet those needs, while, at the same time not overburdening the site or app. Orbitz uses that approach for its products, he says. “Taking a minimally viable product approach, Orbitz launched its first mobile commerce products in 2010, including a mobile web site and native iPhone and Android apps that could search and book flights, hotel rooms, and car rentals,” Brown says. “These initial solutions opened our mobile channel for business and enabled us to learn fast while assembling the requisite skills, resources, and know-how to build out a top-notch second generation of global mobile products in the years that followed.”

In the session, Brown says attendees will learn strategies on how to innovate in an ever-changing mobile market. They will learn what signals indicate they have reached the limits with their first generation of mobile products and how to use innovation to “go big” the second time around. 

Internet Retailer’s editors asked Brown to speak because of his experience guiding Orbitz’s mobile commerce site and apps from launch through a redesign.

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