July 31, 2012, 9:13 AM

ManiRewards 'Gamifies' Mobile and Web Surfing

Retailers can take advantage of ManiRewards’ move to gamify the web by sponsoring rewards.

“Gamification” – the process of making everything more fun and rewarding – is now touching many more facets of the online and mobile web experience thanks to the launch of ManiRewards, a patent-pending digital rewards network from Adiant, a top digital media technology company. ManiRewards gamifies the web by allowing members to earn real prizes when they spot ManiRewards badges, which are distributed across many top sites.

“ManiRewards lets people earn fun prizes for doing what they already do every day – read top websites, share links and watch videos,” said Ash Nashed, CEO of Adiant. “Now they can earn valuable prizes at the same time – just by spotting ManiRewards badges when they’re online.”

Members can join ManiRewards for free and start earning prizes right away by clicking ManiRewards badges that appear all over the web courtesy of Adiant’s highly ranked advertising network, Adblade. Members can claim valuable prizes – including discounts on shoes, pizza, toys, live event tickets and much more.

“Millions of people already use the web for news and entertainment at home or on the go,” observed Nashed. “Now they can earn real prizes while they visit their favorite sites. ManiRewards gamifies regular web surfing.”

Retailers can also take advantage of ManiRewards’ move to gamify the web by sponsoring rewards, which will promote their brands across a vast network that includes some of the Internet’s hottest properties. Participation in ManiRewards can also improve brand equity by associating products and services with fun and prizes.

Online and mobile web users who are ready to start earning ManiRewards can sign up for free at www.manirewards.com. For more information about Adiant, please visit www.adiant.com

About ManiRewards

ManiRewards is a unique syndicated platform that allows brands to reach millions of consumers via a system that rewards consumers’ virtual activities. With Mani Rewards, brands reach consumers in a non-advertising context to drive purchases through earned rewards. With responsive customer support and proprietary optimization technology, ManiRewards delivers value and ROI for brands, agencies and advertisers. ManiRewards is headquartered in Somerville, NJ with operations in New York, NY.  For more information, visit www.manirewards.com.

 About Adiant

Adiant is a digital media technology company that is committed to delivering the most innovative advertising solutions to top quality publishers and advertisers. The company’s brands have been completely engineered from the ground up to offer both immediate and long-term sustained value with the highest levels of customer service. To discover more about Adiant, please visit http://www.adiant.com

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