July 26, 2012, 10:37 AM

Commerce Sciences Raises the Bar for Online Retailers

The Personal Bar is a free e-commerce add-on, floating at the bottom of all store's pages as an integral part of the web site.

Palo Alto, July 25th – Commerce Sciences, a young Palo-Alto based company officially launched its Beta product today, the Personal Bar™.

The Personal Bar™ is a free e-commerce add-on, floating at the bottom of all store's pages as an integral part of the website. It is designed to help online stores -

Get intuitive & Ease store navigation: Boost the shopping experience by having all of the store's key assets in one place, always-on, including: In-site search, Checkout, Live chat, Social buttons and more.

Stand out from competitors: by having a memorable edge. Keep your store's brand & logo always visible across the entire website.

Grow sales: by increasing social shares, traffic and Facebook fanbase.

Personal Bar – a floating bar for ecommerce stores

The Personal Bar™ is being used by various customers worldwide, across multiple industries engaging many online shoppers. Among its customers are weeDECOR - selling personal wall decals for kids' rooms, Koffler Sales – a leading retailer of floor and wall protection, Canaflora.ca – a veteran Canadian flowers retailer, DUCKCO - selling popular t-shirts, BestOfferBuy – a low-price electronics retailer, and many others.

Koffler Sales President, Ron Starr, states "Our shoppers love the Personal Bar. It's a must-have for any e- commerce store".

Aviv Revach, the company's CEO says "One of the key challenges online retailers face today is shoppers' abandonment, which is often caused due to confusing store design. Retailers wisely place many of their key assets on the top navigation menu. That's good but not enough, as the top navigation menu gets completely out-of-sight when shoppers scroll-down the page. Most of the time, shoppers are left alone to wonder - Where is the Search box? Chat? Checkout? - Unfortunately many of them would leave immediately."

Revach adds, "The main advantage of the Personal Bar is the fact that it's always-on - floating at the bottom of all site's pages and can contain all of the store's key assets. It can ease navigation with Search & Checkout, Emphasize customer care with Chat & Feedback, Boost social with Facebook Like & Google’s +1.

And much more".

Many retailers look for an edge to keep them visually differentiated from their competitive landscape. By adding the Personal Bar, their stores could easily stand out. Furthermore, by keeping the retailer's brand & logo always visible – retailers can now achieve better brand recognition and awareness.

An additional disruptive capability is the unique Coupon Experience. It enables retailers to reward shoppers for desired actions. After shoppers click on the Facebook Like button, Google +1 button or opt-in to a newsletter – they win a coupon which is placed on the Personal Bar in visually appealing way. The coupon is always-on reminding the shoppers to complete the purchase. As the shoppers reach checkout, the coupon gets automatically redeemed – avoiding the frustration of being required to remember and manually enter a coupon code.

The Personal Bar has two editions – Business and Enterprise. The Business edition is free of charge for retailers with up to 400,000 unique visitors a month.

Eyal Brosh, the company's VP R&D says "Setting up your own Personal Bar™ is easy and takes only a minute. After placing our simple tag, you can use our self-serve portal to choose and customize your Personal Bar™. We support all popular platforms including Magento, osCommerce, Zen-cart, X-Cart, Demandware and many others. "

Brosh adds "No matter which 3rd-party services you use in your website, we've got you covered. The Personal Bar supports in-site search by popular providers such as SLI Systems, Endeca and many others, popular chat providers such as Zopim, Olark and many others, feedback providers such as Kampyle, Get Satisfaction and many others."

The company recently announced its seed round funding of $1.8m from Genesis Partners, Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors, Joe Lonsdale and others. Aviv Revach states "This beta launch is only the beginning, we have big plans. In the following months, we would add additional exciting experiences to further boost shoppers' engagement.

Want to preview the Personal Bar live on your store without any setup? Visit Commerce Sciences for a quick live demo. commercesciences.com

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