July 25, 2012, 9:41 AM

Walking on a Cloud Increases Social Media Fanbase through OrderDynamics

H.I.V.E is a network of pre-built integrations between leading web and e-commerce technologies and the OrderDynamics On-Demand Commerce platform.

TORONTO, ON – OrderDynamics™ Corporation, Canada’s leading provider of On-Demand Commerce solutions, today announced Highly Integrated Virtual Environment (H.I.V.E™) technology partner ShopSocially, a social media platform that improves engagement, decision and conversion between consumers and retailers, recently helped multi-channel retailer Walking on a Cloud increase their overall social media fanbase by more than 70% over the course of two weeks.

H.I.V.E is a network of pre-built integrations between leading web and eCommerce technologies and the OrderDynamics On-Demand Commerce platform.  By proactively building H.I.V.E integrations into its commerce platform architecture, OrderDynamics significantly reduces the complexities and costs involved for retailers looking to leverage best of breed third party tools.  ShopSocially, and hundreds of other leading solutions, are available to all OrderDynamics Clients to leverage through seamless and easy implementation.

ShopSocially uses pre- and post-purchase incentivized sharing to stimulate social media exposure and build customer databases.  The social media tool allows online shoppers to either share a brand on Facebook prior to a purchase, or share just-purchased items for entry into contests, or to receive discounts on future purchases, helping brands drive web traffic, increase revenue and optimize exposure.

With ShopSocially, Walking on a Cloud ran several campaigns, including unique Canada Day and Independence Day promotions highlighted through their weekly email newsletter offering 20% off all products for the day.  Walking on a Cloud’s impressive results included:

•    Growing their social media fanbase by more than 70% in under two weeks
•    47.8% of email recipients used their coupon code from “Liking” the Walking on a Cloud Facebook page
•    More than 250 Facebook “Likes” in the campaign’s first 48 hours
•    More than 13,200 total social media impressions
•    An average acquisition of at least 35 new “Fans” per day since launching the campaigns

“Growing our online fanbase has been a big priority for us over the past few months,” said Mark Zuckier, President of Walking on a Cloud’s eCommerce division.  “We’ve tried several strategies in the past, but nothing has generated the kind of results ShopSocially has for us.  Having the pre-built integration into the OrderDynamics platform made turning on ShopSocially fast and extremely seamless.  We need this kind of flexibility to keep pace with our evolving customers,” he added.

“It’s always exciting to see how our third party integrations can truly help our clients.  We pride ourselves in offering pre-built integrations with the best technologies available to help our clients deliver incredible online experiences,” said Michael Benadiba, CEO at OrderDynamics.  “I am extremely pleased to see the online growth Walking on a Cloud has achieved in such a short amount of time.  I am also confident that ShopSocially can help many more of our clients too,” he concluded

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