July 19, 2012, 1:05 PM

Vacuum manufacturer Oreck picks up more sales with targeted marketing

The company tailors marketing messages based on how shoppers arrive at the site.

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Oreck Direct LLC wanted to improve its sales by better measuring how different messages consumers viewed across e-mail, paid search and display ads impacted conversions. In particular, it wanted to see if tailoring messaging based on a shopper’s past site behaviors and how he arrived at the site would increase sales.

Using services from Knotice, a vendor of targeted and e-mail marketing services, Oreck was able to see that the more impressions one customer viewed from the company, the more likely that customer was to convert. Digging deeper, it found that consumers who viewed ads and marketing messages across three separate channels—e-mail, display ads and paid search—were more likely to make a purchase than customers who saw three messages in one channel, such as three display ads. In fact, the likelihood of consumers served three messages across three channels to convert was 32% vs. 4% for those who saw three messages in one channel.

Oreck used Knotice to track where consumers saw messages and worked with the vendor to ensure consumers were served marketing messages across all three channels whenever possible.

The manufacturer also customized its site for different visitors. Oreck used Knotice to automatically change its site for each visitor based on how she arrived at the site and her past on-site behavior. For example, if a visitor arrived at the site by searching Google for upright vacuums, Oreck changed its landing page to display such models when she came to the site. And, if a returning customer had earlier searched the site for a specific item, such as vacuum bags, Oreck would display those when she returned.

Oreck also used ad vendor TruEffect and behavorial targeting vendor MediaForge to use cookies to display ads for items a customer had viewed or placed in her cart on Oreck.com after she left the site as she perused the web. It also rolled out targeted e-mail based on site behavior. For example, if a visitor had placed an item in her cart and left, she would immediately receive an e-mail with a discount on the item. If she had simply searched and viewed some items, she would receive a series of e-mails highlighting the benefits of the items she had considered. 

By better tailoring its marketing strategies to each potential customer based on her behavior,  Oreck was able to increase its monthly marketing return on investment by as much as 184% compared to before Oreck changed its approach.

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