July 18, 2012, 10:03 AM

Cleverbridge Powers Global E-Commerce for Embarcadero

Embarcadero chose cleverbridge for its flexible and innovative product catalog technology and extensive international and B2B experience.

Embarcadero Technologies, a leading provider of database and application development software, has entrusted cleverbridge, the premier global e-commerce provider for software and SaaS companies, to power global e-commerce for its complex, 300-plus B2B product catalog.

Embarcadero chose cleverbridge for its flexible and innovative product catalog technology and extensive international and B2B experience. Since transitioning all products to the cleverbridge platform, Embarcadero is selling in a multitude of countries it wasn’t capable of before.

“Managing a large product catalog with e-stores all over the world can be very complicated,” said Embarcadero Vice President, Product Management and Strategy Michael Swindell . “cleverbridge gave us a reliable, long-term solution that simplifies the management of our international stores and makes maintenance easier than ever before.”

One easy interface
Using the cleverbridge solution, Embarcadero can control all of its international stores with one management interface, making tasks such as adding promotions and special campaigns quick and painless.

Smart shopping carts
Using cleverbridge’s product inheritance features, Embarcadero can offer different types of licenses, such as “new user” or “upgrades,” with the same product name and description but different internal SKUs. This allows Embarcadero to keep detailed records on the back end and saves time updating and adding products.

Embarcadero can also choose to always include additional products such as support and maintenance, back-up DVDs and extended downloads within the shopping cart of another product, giving customers instant access to related items.

Designed to serve customers around the globe
cleverbridge’s product catalog pages dynamically adjust based on users’ GeoIP locations, so customers only see information that pertains to them. Product information, pricing (including appropriate taxation for each country) and field priority adjust automatically by region, which increases buyers’ comfort levels. Embarcadero saves time because there’s no need to copy and paste repeating product data or maintain separate stores for each country.

Embarcadero’s e-store always presents customers with the most appropriate product info. Customers never have to choose their country before purchasing a product – a process that is cumbersome and can prevent customers from viewing the most appropriate pricing information.

cleverbridge has the experience and resources to handle all of the complex issues that come up when dealing with international transactions. With cleverbridge as a partner, Embarcadero never has to worry about legal obligations or compliance with local sales tax requirements.

“The cleverbridge platform is ideal for globally focused SaaS and software companies,” said cleverbridge CEO Christian Blume. “International retailing is an integral part of our business. We are thrilled to establish an efficient global sales system for Embarcadero and look forward to an enduring beneficial partnership.”

To find out more about how cleverbridge can improve your global customer experience and save you time, contact us.

About Embarcadero Technologies
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc., a software management and delivery company, is a leading provider of database and application development software tools. By using Embarcadero‘s award-winning products, professionals can design systems right, build them faster and run them better, regardless of their platform or programming language. Three million users worldwide and 90 of the Fortune 100 companies rely on Embarcadero products to increase productivity, reduce costs, simplify change management and compliance, and accelerate innovation. Founded in 1993, Embarcadero is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices located around the world. Embarcadero is online at www.embarcadero.com.

About cleverbridge
cleverbridge is a full-service e-commerce partner for companies that sell software and SaaS. Our flexible platform and unrivaled service fuel the performance of B2C and B2B businesses around the globe. Drawing from years of experience and expertise, cleverbridge provides a customized, multi-channel e-business solution in record time. International corporations like Avira, DivX, Ipswitch and Quest Software count on cleverbridge to support their traditional, SaaS and subscription-based e-commerce needs. Get to know us at www.cleverbridge.com, our Building Keystones blog, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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