July 11, 2012, 11:04 AM

Choose that mobile vendor carefully

An MMCF speaker offers tips on how to select a mobile technology provider.

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Jose Muñoz

Retailers might be well aware that consumers use their mobile devices to research products and shop online. But web merchants often have relatively little knowledge about how to plan a mobile commerce site or app, and selecting the vendor for those jobs, says Jose Muñoz, a senior consultant at e-commerce technology consultancy FitForCommerce.

Muñoz will offer advice on how to work out the mobile design and technology details at the Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum 2012 in a session entitled “10 questions to ask your m-commerce technology provider.

“A lot of technology vendors will create something without understanding what clients and consumers really want, so the retailer ends up with a mobile solution that no one wants,” Muñoz says. Before retailers invest in and build a mobile commerce presence, he adds, they need to make decisions that take into account multichannel, online and offline shopping experiences.

Merchants should understand what their customers expect in a mobile site or app, such as consumer reviews or store locators, Muñoz says. And they should find out if a prospective vendor is capable of providing such features.

In addition, merchants should see what kind of advice about consumers’ mobile interests a technology vendor can offer. A vendor’s knowledge of consumer demand for mobile can say a lot about its experience and know-how, as well as provide the merchant with useful ideas of what to include in a mobile site or app. “I’ll talk about how to leverage a vendor’s experience,” Muñoz says.

The editors of Internet Retailer asked Muñoz to speak at MMCF because of his extensive experience in developing and managing multichannel retail businesses. Before joining FitForComnerce, he was interim vice president of e-commerce and business development at lifestyle content site UrbanDaddy.com. He has also been director of e-commerce for CalvinKlein.com and director of catalog and Internet at Kenneth Cole Productions. As a consultant, he relaunched e-commerce sites for Donna Karan International, where he also set up mobile, marketing and international programs.

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