June 21, 2012, 9:13 AM

SeeWhy Unveils First Analytics Hub for E-commerce

SeeWhy CORE is a cloud-based SaaS engine that integrates the technology of 27 leading ecosystem partners into a single hub, creating leading-edge functionality found nowhere else in the industry.

BOSTON, Mass. - June 6, 2012 - SeeWhy, Inc., the leader in real-time ecommerce shopping cart recovery, today announced SeeWhy CORET, the first analytics hub for ecommerce that integrates all of the newest, socially savvy marketing techniques to make connecting with online shoppers easier for brands and retailers.

SeeWhy CORE is a cloud-based SaaS engine that integrates the technology of 27 leading ecosystem partners into a single hub, creating leading-edge functionality found nowhere else in the industry. The SeeWhy CORE engine quickly analyzes shopper data from multiple sources, analyzes the best response and triggers a personalized action - all in real time. SeeWhy CORE supports retargeted advertising, real-time triggered email, in-session merchandising, chat and much more, enabling retailers to better engage with both existing and potential shoppers alike.

"Until now, companies selling online had to select and implement individual marketing solutions from different vendors and then had to figure out how to integrate all the different solutions - that's very challenging for retailers," said Scott G. Silk, CEO at SeeWhy. "As a result, we have a completely fragmented market with multiple pieces that don't talk to each other. That's why we developed SeeWhy CORE. SeeWhy CORE is a one-stop shop that optimizes marketing across the entire buying channel - from prospecting, selling and pricing to remarketing - to help retailers turn browsers into buyers."

When brands pay attention to a shopper's tastes, purchasing history, behavior and interaction on a website along with social cues, such as Facebook "likes" or "wants," that directly translates into a better web experience and service for shoppers. With SeeWhy CORE, shoppers receive personalized, one-to-one communication and campaigns relevant just for that individual - and all of that happens in real time, instead of days later when a shopper might no longer be searching for that perfect gift, party dress or new software.

How Does It Work?


1.      Integrate: Data is received continuously as streams of events from cloud-based ecommerce platforms, like Demandware, and social networks, like Facebook, through prepackaged integrations (or any platform through JavaScript tagging).


2.      Analyze: Streams of data are continuously analyzed in real time, correlating data from multiple sources to understand a visitor's intent and determine the appropriate response. For example, a shopper uses a Facebook button to "want" a product. The data is correlated in real time with her recent purchases and whether she is likely to purchase the products based on her behavior. This is then used to determine the next best action, which might include a product-specific promotion.


3.      Trigger: SeeWhy CORE triggers one-to-one actions in real time through merchandising, email and advertising to drive the customer to the point of purchase. For example, a shopper is sent a 1-to-1 email with a promotion for the item he "wants" and, in parallel, is shown retargeted advertising featuring the product and the promotion.


SeeWhy CORE builds on the success of SeeWhy Conversion Manager, the real-time shopping cart recovery solution used today by some of the world's largest brands, like Bare Escentuals, Columbia Sportswear, Lucky Brand, Remington and Visa. SeeWhy CORE introduces cool new features and functionality, including:


·        Social triggers - Sites like Facebook have made social signals such as "like," "want" or "love" very popular. Those cues about the perception of a product or the intent to buy are like gold dust to brands. But even though brands can capture this data, they have no way to leverage that information to turn it into a sale. SeeWhy's CORE analytics engine combines social signals, from social networks like Facebook and platforms like 8thBridge, with individual ecommerce history and website behavior of the shopper to trigger targeted campaigns that might include email, advertising and merchandising.


·        Cross channel arbitrage - Brands have two ways to reach shoppers after they've left the site to try to close a sale: 1) email, for identified visitors, or 2) show retargeted ads, to encourage anonymous shoppers to purchase. But how do you coordinate those two actions? SeeWhy CORE knows when to send ads versus email and provides one message that can be carried across ads and emails in a consistent fashion. Digital marketers can mix channels using the right message at the right time via the right channel for a particular shopper.


·        SeeWhy SliderTM - Slider is the merchandising component of SeeWhy CORE that engages with individual site visitors in real time using targeted promotional offers, and it also captures email addresses. Imagine that a visitor has added items to their shopping cart but goes to leave the page. Slider shows a "light box" that offers to email a link to that page with their items. Everyone wins - the visitor receives a time-saving resource, and SeeWhy CORE automatically triggers the email remarketing campaign they have requested.


27 Cloud-based Technology Integrations


SeeWhy CORE integrations include (in alphabetical order by category):


Email Service Providers and CRM






Experian CheetahMail









Retargeted Advertising


eCommerce Platforms


Digital River




Web Analytics

Adobe Omniture

IBM Coremetrics

Google Analytics




Social Networks



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