June 13, 2012, 8:44 AM

New Real-Time Social Advocate Feed Bolsters Empathica’s ‘GoRecommend’ Service

By incorporating a real-time advocate feed into the GoRecommend solution, Empathica improves a brand’s ability to convert satisfied customers into brand advocates.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – June 7, 2012 - Empathica Inc., a leading global provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to the world’s most respected multi-unit enterprises in retail, food services, banking, petro and hospitality sectors, announced today that its GoRecommendTM social media advocacy solution now features a real-time feed of recommendations that can be embedded on a brand’s website, Facebook page and other online assets to leverage advocates’ social recommendations.

By incorporating a real-time advocate feed into the GoRecommend solution, Empathica improves a brand’s ability to convert satisfied customers into brand advocates. The new feature amplifies positive, authentic recommendations through Facebook, Twitter and email, effectively allowing a brand to connect its customers’ great experiences to the social graph. Combined with GoRecommend’s existing capabilities, the new functionality allows brands to further extend their customer relationships and build out a measurable base of active brand advocates.

GoRecommend works to mobilize advocates at the moment of truth, helping customers identify the characteristics that were outstanding about their in-store visit or purchase. It then builds active brand recommendations that are unique to advocates’ experiences based on specific locations, events, products or store personnel.

“The GoRecommend social media advocacy solution has helped leading brands identify advocates and mobilize them to share positive brand experiences across social networks,” said Dr. Gary Edwards, chief customer officer, Empathica. “Using the GoRecommend solution, our clients have generated more than 1 million positive recommendations resulting in over 110 million total impressions on sites like Facebook and Twitter. The addition of the real-time advocate feed is a significant enhancement, giving GoRecommend the ability to deliver even greater advocacy benefits for our clients.”

The new update elevates GoRecommend’s ability to expand the relationship with brand advocates and their networks. Nielsen has reported that 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from people they know in their 2012 Global Trust in Advertising report. A survey conducted by eMarketer reported similar findings, showing that consumers trust customer-generated reviews 12 times more than brand-generated messaging.

”By delivering positive, real-time recommendations to a brand’s homepage, Facebook page or other online asset, GoRecommend now makes customer-generated content more accessible to consumers, which inevitably increases consumers’ trust in the brand,” added Edwards.

For more information about GoRecommend and Empathica’s complete line of solutions and services, go to http://www.empathica.com/products-services.

About Empathica:
Empathica is the leading provider of social Customer Experience Management (CEM) programs to the world’s most respected multi-unit brands in the retail, food services, banking, petro and hospitality sectors. Its rich analysis of survey data using state-of-the-art surveying and dashboard reporting software allows for performance-improvement solutions, evidence-based marketing insights, and customer experience management consulting.

Annually, Empathica’s 30 million customer surveys in 25 languages reach more than 70,000 locations in over 50 countries. A privately-held organization, Empathica is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with executive consultant offices throughout the United States and a European office in Birmingham, England. For more information about deriving actionable insights that enhance a brand’s operational excellence, visit Empathica at www.empathica.com.

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