June 6, 2012, 8:29 AM

Swisslog Unveils Click&Pick for U.S. Ecommerce Market

Click&Pick provides the highest possible inventory storage density.

CHICAGO — Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition — June 5, 2012 — Swisslog, a global provider of integrated logistics solutions, today announced that Click&PickTM, a high-speed order fulfillment system tailored to the ecommerce market, is now available. Click&Pick is a powerful and complete system that provides faster, more efficient order fulfillment for ecommerce compared to any system of the past.

By using all three dimensions of a warehouse, Click&Pick provides the highest possible inventory storage density - truly Fulfillment 3D. Additionally, Click&Pick scales seamlessly with a business year-over-year. The technology is already in use throughout Europe and is now also being deployed for medical supply distribution by Medline Industries Inc., the largest privately held medical supplier in the U.S.

“The Web 2.0 phenomenon of ‘click and get’ has changed the requirements of fulfillment forever as seen by the emergence of new technologies in the past decade,” said Markus Schmidt, SVP of Swisslog. “However, Amazon’s purchase of Kiva Systems has created a large cloud of uncertainty in the marketplace while fulfillment demands for ecommerce continue to increase. Swisslog is committed to moving the industry forward with both Click&Pick and its deep experience in automated warehouse operations.”

Swisslog has tailored Click&Pick to ecommerce by combining its AutoStore inventory storage technology and high-speed pick stations, as well as its fulfillment software suite. The system clearly goes beyond fulfillment 2.0 by cubing-out the warehouse, leveraging all valuable space, with faster robotic technology, and perfect control of inventory. Swisslog also focuses on improved ergonomics for warehouse workers with its high-speed picking and selecting technology, while increasing productivity to 1,000 picks per selector per hour. The “Holy Grail” for any ecommerce business is to be able to easily increase fulfillment throughput and SKU density over time. Click&Pick brings these two opposing forces into agreement in a capital-efficient manner.

“We chose Swisslog’s Click&Pick due to its flexible ‘grow as you go approach’ to order fulfillment,” said William K. Abington III, President of Operations/CFO of Medline. “Compared to any other system we evaluated, Swisslog provides unmatched use of space for our distribution centers while producing a paradigm shift for improved pick performance.”

The benefits and features of Click&Pick include, among others:

Flexibility for ecommerce – The system infrastructure is flexible and scalable because of its modular design. Inventory and throughput can be increased independently to meet a company’s growing business needs, which is especially critical for ecommerce.

Increased speed – Click&Pick enables orders to be filled more than five times faster than manual shelving systems, reaching 1,000 picks per selector per hour.

Space, the final frontier – The system enables a typical space reduction of 60 percent when compared to storing SKUs in static bin shelving. The vertical storage cube enables Click&Pick to use almost every cubic foot of a distribution center from the floor to the ceiling.

Self-optimizing – Slower-moving SKUs will descend to the bottom of each stack and faster-moving SKUs will continually percolate to the top of the stack for increased productivity. In addition, the number of robots working at the top of the storage cube can be increased as needed which helps manage peak fluctuations in shipping volumes without any hard constraints.

Optimized worker ergonomics – The system’s work stations present bins ergonomically to operators at the perfect position, thereby eliminating all unnecessary bending and stretching. Click&Pick greatly reduces warehouse noise and improves cleanliness compared to conveyor and other technologies, making for a better working environment.

Robots take over put-away and storage – Workers merely insert bins into the storage cube via one or more receiving stations, at which time the robots take over for the actual put-away work resulting in major time savings.


For more about Click&Pick please visit: http://www.swisslog.com/IRCE


To read a MWPVL international analyst whitepaper about theAutoStore inventory solution, please go to: http://www.mwpvl.com/html/swisslog_autostore_review.html


About Swisslog

Swisslog is a global provider of integrated logistics solutions with a focus on the retail, food & beverage, pharma, and healthcare industries. The services portfolio encompasses the realization of complex distribution centers and warehouses as well as automated logistics solutions for hospitals, including the implementation of Swisslog's own software and technology.

Swisslog’s solutions optimize customers’ production, logistics and distribution processes in order to increase flexibility, responsiveness and quality of service while minimizing logistics’ costs. With years of experience in the development and implementation of integrated logistics solutions, Swisslog provides the expertise on which customers in more than 50 countries around the world rely.

Headquartered in Buchs/Aarau, Switzerland, Swisslog currently employs over 2000 staff in 20 countries worldwide. The group’s parent company, Swisslog Holding AG, is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (security number: 1232462, Telekurs: SLOG, Reuters: SLOG.S).

For more information, visit www.swisslog.com

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