May 9, 2012, 9:52 AM

Emailvision Launches a New Release of Campaign Commander

This new release offers built-in support for 16 languages.

NEW YORK, Thursday, May 3, 2012 – Emailvision, the international leader in Software as a Service (SaaS) for online relationship marketing, today announced the availability of the newest version of Campaign Commander Enterprise Edition. This release offers innovative capabilities for customer intelligence including the first available geo-marketing analytics solution. Additionally, this release introduces fully integrated multivariate testing for email; enabling marketing teams to test multiple versions of an email campaign and rapidly roll out the highest performing combination.

Featuring drag-and-drop customer data discovery and geo-based heat maps, this new release enables marketers to rapidly explore and analyze millions of records. With a better understanding of their customers by location, behavior, demographics and purchase history marketers can combine these insights to execute smarter marketing campaigns. Having customer intelligence at the heart of campaign development, marketers can increase revenues and profitability without overwhelming their subscribers, fans and followers.

“At Emailvision, we are committed to developing an online marketing solution that empowers marketers with the ability to get more value from their customer data – spending more time understanding customer behavior and characteristics; and less time worrying about how to execute complex campaigns,” said Charles Wells, Chief Product Officer for Emailvision. “Our new geo-mapping capabilities, enhanced train of thought analysis and multivariate testing tools make it even easier for marketers to drive complementary upsell, cross-sell and reactivation campaigns.”

This new release offers built-in support for 16 languages and Emailvision continues to provide unrivaled global email and SMS delivery rates so marketers can drive successful campaigns anywhere in the world.

“In the past, organizations had to invest significant amounts of budget, time and resource to develop targeted and personalized marketing campaigns using on-premise customer intelligence software. Now, our unique SaaS-based customer intelligence and campaign management platform enables enterprises of all sizes to leverage their fast-growing customer data and turn it into profitable campaigns at a fraction of the cost,” said Nick Heys, CEO of Emailvision. “We are focused and committed to building the next-generation SaaS solution for relationship marketing. This release removes the complexity of campaign execution and takes marketing programs to new levels of sophistication.”

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