April 6, 2012, 10:48 AM

A rich app can be the key to a tablet user’s heart

A Backcountry executive will discuss at IRCE the role an iPad app can play.

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Peter Eischeid

Backcountry.com’s iPad app opens with a vivid, full-screen, high-resolution picture of a mountain climber scaling a rocky cliff. The opening puts shoppers in the frame of mind of the great outdoors, and sets the stage for mobile shopping designed with their favorite pastimes in mind.

A good m-commerce tablet app enables a consumer to shop differently than they do on an e-commerce site, experts say. And the Backcountry.com iPad app, with its picture-oriented navigation, huge, high-resolution images, and the ability to swipe for more information in nooks and crannies throughout, is an example of what a retailer can do for its fast-growing base of tablet shopping customers.

Peter Eischeid, mobile product manager at Backcountry.com, will offer an inside look at the retailer’s iPad app at the 2012 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition June 5-8 in Chicago in a session entitled “The key to tablet owners’ hearts: apps.”

It is important that a retailer understand how a tablet app fits into an overall mobile strategy, the value proposition an app has to offer that will ensure its success, and the critical need to market an app through such methods as e-commerce site promotions, e-mails and mobile display ads, Eischeid says.

Session attendees, he adds, will gain a better understanding of the role tablet apps can play in Internet retailing. “They will be better informed when making the decision of whether to build an iPad app or not,” Eischeid says. “They’ll understand if just having an app is enough to convince their users to download it, if a better user experience is enough to convince their users to use an app, the successful and unsuccessful ways to market an app, and potential pitfalls to look out for.”

Internet Retailer’s editors asked Eischeid to speak because for the past four years he has been a key player in Backcountry.com’s innovative product launches. He identified, designed, implemented and deployed product solutions as project manager for the launch of four of Backcountry.com’s one-deal-at-a-time sites. And now he directs Backcountry’s mobile initiatives, leading the team that realized the SteepandCheap iPhone app, the Backcountry iPad app, m.Backcountry.com, m.SteepandCheap.com and m.WhiskeyMilitia.com.

Backcountry.com is part of Liberty Media Corp., No. 33 in the Internet Retailer Mobile Commerce Top 300.

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