April 2, 2012, 10:44 AM

Dachis Group Launches Advocate Insight

Big Data Social Analytics SaaS Offering Identifies and Measures the Impact of a Brand's Top Advocates, Enabling Brands to "Engage at Scale" Across Their Entire Social Ecosystem.

AUSTIN, TX--(Apr 2, 2012) - Dachis Group, the world's leading social software and solutions firm, today announced the launch of Advocate Insight, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that identifies brands' advocates across social channels and measures each individual's brand impact.

With the enormous opportunity presented by engaging with the millions of fans and followers a global brand has across the social web, many CMOs, brand managers and social community managers are beginning to understand both the promise and the enormous challenges of unprecedented access to customer engagement at scale.

With a typical social staff of fewer than a dozen, the continued rapid proliferation of new social networks and platforms, and a current crop of lightweight engagement tools poorly suited to engagement at scale, global brands face a new conundrum: they can only meaningfully engage with a small fraction of their potential engaged audience. How do these brands decide on whom to invest their time in order to maximize their impact? Increasingly, leading brands are turning to their loyal, trusted advocates and passionate brand warriors to echo and amplify their message, driving authentic engagement at scale across their social ecosystem.

By leveraging Dachis Group's big data social analytics platform, which monitors and measures the daily interactions between 30,000 brands and 100 million social accounts, Advocate Insight is able to identify a brand's most passionate and engaged customers across their social audience, wherever they are.

The world's largest and most powerful brands have large numbers of passionate advocates. How do they identify them? More than a simplistic measure of fan or follower counts, Advocate Insight offers advanced advocate management features and the ability to isolate advocates based on geography, brand, platform, and affinity to specific social accounts of the brand.

Unlike previous solutions which measure topical influence of an individual generically in social, Advocate Insight identifies the subset of a brand's engaged market that has the greatest impact on the business outcomes of a brand's social marketing, such as Brand Awareness, Brand Love, and Mindshare. Advocate Insight then offers analytic tools for analyzing the advocate's impact and tracking the brand's engagement with that advocate.

"Our customers are rapidly embracing and mobilizing advocates in social for two primary reasons," said Jeffrey Dachis, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, Dachis Group. "One, it's the only way to truly scale a brand's engagement efforts across today's vastly growing social ecosystems, because the math won't allow you to get there by just adding additional community managers. Two, people trust their friends to make purchasing decisions. For our clients, advocates have proven time and again to be more trusted and effective than traditional brand messaging at significantly improving loyalty, providing powerful echo and amplification, and driving click-through conversions and purchase rates."

Brand Managers and Community Managers can use Advocate Insight to improve their return on marketing investments by simplifying advocate identification and accelerating the rollout of engagement programs.

Features include:

  • Advocate Identification: Find brand advocates based on their consistency of social interaction, level of sentiment, signal strength, topical alignment (hivemindedness), and echo and amplification of company content.
  • Spamvocate Filter: Exclude non-advocates, including employees, partners, and spammers ("spamvocates"), through an algorithm that analyzes factors such as authenticity of signal, uniqueness, ratio of followers to following and other markers.
  • Advocate Profiles: Analyze advocate effectiveness based on factors such as sentiment, follower base and echoed signals, in order to better target social outreach programs. Tag advocates and track notes related to specific advocates for activation, team collaboration and program management/execution.
  • Advocate Segmentation: Identify advocates by brand, social platform, audience reach, region, subsidiary, and by notes appended by your team.
  • Advocate Effectiveness Ranking: Score and rank your advocates based on their effectiveness. Export results for mobilization programs.

"Advocate Insight solves the big data problems associated with advocacy programs for large, global brands," said Erik Huddleston, EVP Product and CTO, Dachis Group. "Finding the advocates of a brand, measuring the impact they have on hundreds of millions of audience members, and then tracking the aggregate program impact are challenging analytic problems. Going from millions of tweets and posts to a slide that justifies the value of your advocacy program requires big data."

Advocate Insight is built on top of Dachis Group's "big data" social analytics platform, which tracks conversations across 30,000 brands, 100 million social accounts and a combined audience size of 5.2 billion followers, fans and subscribers from 233 countries. Each day, the Dachis Group platform monitors and helps manage 10 billion social behaviors and well in excess of 50 million social signals, including but not limited to comments, posts, tweets, mentions and replies across dozens of social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, Renren, Twitpic, Foursquare, MySpace, as well as blogs, wikis, forums, BBS, message boards, websites, and thousands of other sources.

In addition to the launch of Advocate Insight, Dachis Group today announced significant progress in the sales growth of its Social Performance Monitor SaaS product and the use and adoption of the Social Business Index by adding more than 5,000 brands to its Social Business Index since it launched in September 2011 with over 30,000 brands tracked, making the Dachis Group social analytics software platform the largest repository for real-time measuring and benchmarking of social activity for the world's most successful brands.

  • The Social Business Index has added almost 1000 registered corporate users in under six months.
  • Social Business Index registered corporate users have added over 15,000 social accounts to the Index -- including three companies with over 400 accounts each in under six months
  • Social Business Index registered Fortune 500 and G2000 corporate users represent over 40 industries from around the world.
  • Since its launch, in under eight weeks, dozens of large enterprise customers have purchased/are in contract to purchase Dachis Group's Social Performance Monitor.
  • Dachis Group used its social analytics platform in creating two recent reports that showcased new ways of measuring TV ads and social programs during the Super Bowl and Academy Awards.
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