March 28, 2012, 2:18 PM’s personalized e-mails boost revenue

Those follow-up e-mails help close the sale.

Lead Photo, a provider of shipping and freight services, knew it could do better at closing the sale with interested consumers. Many consumers came to its site and requested shipping quotes, but the retailer was having a difficult time communicating the value of its services and getting them to come back and buy.

The retailer found the answer to its problem by following up with consumers who have asked for quotes via its site with a series of automated personalized e-mails offering more information based on the type of quote they requested—commercial freight, residential or truckload. For example, the messages offer discounts and pricing for commercial freight rates that are different from deals on residential rates. The e-mails also give different options to truckload customers than they do to other types of customers. 

The e-mails also are personalized based on if the quote request comes from a new or returning customer. For example, e-mails to new customers remind them of their bookings, let them know they can log in to their accounts to manage all of their bookings and quotes and also advise them to contact FreightCenter if they need help with their booking. FreightCenter worked with e-mail service provider Listrak to create the e-mail campaigns based the needs of each customer who had visited the site.

FreightCenter and Listrak came up with a schedule that sends one e-mail a day after the quote is requested, a second message as a follow-up two days later, and a third, sent two days after the second e-mail. The first message contains the subject line: “Your Quote is Ready for Booking.” This message prompts the potential customer to book now while a special discount is still available. The second e-mail contains the subject line “Reminder your quote is ready for booking.” This e-mail, sent to those who did not book after the first message, reminds customers again to book and to take advantage of the offer.  The third e-mail is sent three days later to those who didn’t respond to either of the first two e-mails, asking for feedback via a quick survey to see why they did not complete the booking.

FreightCenter sends another follow-up survey two months after the third e-mail to those who request quotes but never book in an effort to discover why they didn’t choose FreightCenter.

The new personalized, follow-up e-mail schedule has helped boost the company’s revenue from e-mail by 56% and increased total revenue by 2%, FreightCenter says.

Terese Kerrigan, director of marketing at, says in addition to boosting revenue, Listrak also helped with e-mail deliverability by providing such features as list hygiene to help manage unsubscribe requests, removal of e-mail addresses that bounce and updating of users’ e-mail addresses. Other features include tools that help the company avoid e-mails winding up in junk folders. Such features have helped FreightCenter increase its deliverability by at least 5%, Kerrigan says. “Not to mention we now have an automated way to engage customers in meaningful conversations,” Kerrigan says, “conversations that turn into conversions."

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