March 23, 2012, 1:23 PM

Jagged Peak Introduces Universal Adapter to Integrate OMS & Other ECPs

Seamless integration through Open Source ESB brings the power of EDGE’s enterprise-class, multi-channel order management system to merchants on other platforms. 

Jagged Peak, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-class eCommerce solutions and supply chain services announced today that it is using an Open Source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to enable the EDGE Order Management System (OMS) to communicate with virtually any front-end eCommerce platform, marketplace or ERP system.

The adapter gives merchants the flexibility to use another vendor’s front-end system while still being able to leverage the power of EDGE’s robust order management capabilities for multi-channel order capture, order aggregation and order processing. The adapter adheres to strict PCI security guidelines and supports the use of Web services, AS2, MQSeries and FTP and similar industry-standard tools to transfer EDI, XML and text delimited files.

EDGE is the cornerstone of Jagged Peak’s eCommerce solutions and services. It is a fully web-based, enterprise-class eCommerce platform (ECP) and OMS. The strength of EDGE’s OMS is that it supports multi-channel order capture, and provides real-time order visibility and management throughout the entire order life cycle across multiple business units, distribution channels and trading partners.

Since the EDGE OMS manages the entire order ecosystem―including fully optimized order fulfillment―the new adapter also gives merchants the opportunity to use Jagged Peak’s fully integrated FlexNet fulfillment services, which include a scalable and configurable warehouse network that can be customized to meet the merchant’s unique fulfillment needs. This can include any combination of client distribution centers, Jagged Peak warehouses and/or 3PL facilities. FlexNet leverages the power of EDGE to direct orders to the optimal fulfillment point based on configurable rules related to inventory availability, customer proximity and delivery promise date. It also determines the lowest-cost shipping method to meet the specified delivery date. Clients using FlexNet fulfillment services realize freight savings of up to 50 percent while improving customer delivery service.

“Up to this point, many eCommerce merchants have settled for less than full-featured order management systems to get the front-end website management options they desired,” says Jagged Peak President, Technology and Logistics, Mike Mercier. “Now, with the EDGE OMS adapter, merchants have a choice. They can select from the wide array of front-end systems on the market (including, of course, the EDGE ECP) and still get all the advantages of EDGE’s industrial-duty order management capabilities. Essentially, the EDGE adapter enables Jagged Peak to be totally agnostic about which front-end eCommerce platform, marketplace or ERP system our clients decide to use.”

About Jagged Peak
Jagged Peak’s technology and supply chain services provides enable retailers, manufacturers, distributors and consumer brand companies to quickly and cost-effectively establish and operate a direct online business. The cornerstone of Jagged Peak’s solutions is the EDGE eCommerce platform. It is a fully web-based order management system that provides real-time order visibility throughout the entire order life cycle across multiple business units, distribution channels and trading partners. Jagged Peak’s blue chip client roster includes numerous global consumer brand companies. For more information, please visit


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