February 16, 2012, 9:06 AM

vzaar Express Offers Dollar-a-day Video Hosting for Small Businesses

The new vzaar Express package hosts up to 250 videos for less than a dollar a day.

With a new, simplified layout and pricing plans starting at just $29.99 per month, vzaar, the go-to video hosting service, offers the best value in professional video players and management tools to businesses of all sizes.

Although the appeal of video tours, brochures, product showcases, and tutorials is undeniable, the process of getting video online can seem foreign and daunting to the uninitiated.

"At vzaar, we are constantly searching for ways to make video marketing more accessible and efficient.  As we studied the video space closely, we found a very real need for a more cost effective professional video hosting solution," explains vzaar CEO Stephen McCluskey.  "In response, we've developed a new pricing model to give businesses the best value for their investment."

The new vzaar Express package hosts up to 250 videos for less than a dollar a day, giving businesses new to video marketing the freedom to experiment until they've found the approach and message that's right for their brand.

For organizations with a fully developed video strategy in place, Professional level packages begin at $79.99 a month and include advanced features like playlists, podcasts, subtitles, optimization for iPhones and iPads, and API uploads.

Also new is a redesigned layout and workflow inspired by the usage patterns of businesses that use vzaar most.  This means any employee will be able to login, upload, and share videos without any training or FAQ fumbling, so the creative minds in the office can focus on more important things.

That's a big deal now, nearly three years after Zappos revealed that the addition of products videos improved their sales by 30 percent.  It's impossible to ignore how video has quickly developed into one of the most effective ways of tapping into an online audience. Video is the medium that Cisco estimates will make up over 50% of all consumer internet traffic this year. In other words, any business looking to have a meaningful online presence this year needs to start pressing record.  There is no reason not to now that vzaar is so simple an untrained intern can master it in minutes, and so affordable even your daughter could fit it into her lemonade stand's marketing budget.

About vzaar

vzaar is the go-to video hosting and distribution platform for businesses large and small. vzaar's refreshingly easy to use interface intuitively formats video content for audiences across the globe, ensuring it's playable on every device on the planet. Built expressly for professionals with a service or product to promote, vzaar comes preloaded with all the customization, security, and analytical tools needed to get the job done - with no distracting bells and whistles. Founded in 2007, vzaar is based out of London, UK, although you'd never guess it by the variety of accents found in the office.

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