February 14, 2012, 1:03 PM

Fab.com tweaks its approach to flash sales

The flash sale retailer will begin rolling out weekly sales tomorrow.

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Starting tomorrow evening, Fab.com will launch Fab Shops, which are weeklong sales in various product categories. Those sales will be in addition to the daily sales the flash sale retailer currently offers.

Fab.com says it is aiming to bring more customers back to the site throughout the day, as the new sales will begin at 7 p.m. Eastern time, as opposed to 11 a.m. Eastern when the retailer’s daily sales start.

“We've seen about 70% of our daily visits and orders come within three hours of launching our morning flash sales,” says a Fab.com spokeswoman. “We're hopeful the new evening sales will see a broader distribution of visits and orders throughout the day.”

Kids is the first Fab Shop to go live. It will launch tomorrow, with clothes, baby accessories, toys, furniture and other children’s products. Pets will go live Thursday, Foodie on Friday, Vintage on Monday and Fashion on Tuesday.

The retailer chose these specific categories because they have performed well in the past and shoppers have been asking for more products to be available in these categories, the spokeswoman adds. “We also felt that these categories deserved special attention as they appeal to different types of members, like pet lovers, vintage fanatics and foodies.” 

The Fashion shop will feature men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, jewelry, and bags, and take advantage of the resources from online fashion marketplace FashionStake, which Fab.com acquired last month.

The move is the latest in a series of site and tweaks the merchant has made since securing $40 million in funding last December.

The retailer says the new shops are part of a larger strategy to increase the number of products offered on Fab.com while maintaining a curated type of shopping experience.

Fab.com, which has secured more than two million members in eight months, was featured in Internet Retailer’s Hot 100 magazine issue, which highlights the most innovative online retailers of 2011. Order your copy of this special issue here.

Fab.com founder and President Jason Goldberg will be speaking at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in June in Chicago in a session entitled “Going social from Day One: How a start-up online retailer gained 2 million members through social marketing.”

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