February 6, 2012, 4:19 PM

The Super Bowl’s social ‘buzz’ scores higher this year

Online social network mentions of the game’s ads increase 24%, Zeta Interactive says.

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Yesterday’s Super Bowl ads received 24% more online social media “buzz” in the 24-hour period following the game compared with the same period a year ago, reports Zeta Interactive, a provider of online social marketing services.

Zeta’s Super Bowl Ad Buzz Report, or Zeta Buzz, is based on data mined by Zeta from more than 200 million blogs, Tweets, message boards, social media posts and other online social content; the company bases its finding on how many consumers mention retailers, brands and their commercials.

Zeta says that this year’s ads received 14% more online social media buzz in the first 12 hours following the game than last year’s ads received during the 24 hour-period following the game. And during the game, social buzz was 16% higher this year than last year, Zeta says.

This year’s ads also took some of the spotlight away from the big game, Zeta says. Last year, the game itself generated 45% more buzz than the ads; this year, the game generated 25% more comment.

Zeta also ranked Super Bowl ads based on whether they generated positive or negative viewer comment. The average “tonal buzz” around this year’s ads was 80.9% positive, down from 86.4% during the week prior to this year’s game and from 83.5% for the ads in last year’s game.

Following are the commercials which received the highest Zeta Buzz tonal ranking at this year’s Super Bowl, with the percentage of viewers who commented positively about each ad:

1—Honda "Matthew's Day Off - Ferris Bueller,” 91%

2—M&M’s, “Just My Shell,” 90%

3—Budweiser "Eternal Optimism - Block Party,” 90%

4—Acura "Transactions – Seinfeld," 89%

5—Skechers "Dog Race," 89%

6— Fiat 500 Abarth, “Seduction,” 88%

7—2nd Story Software (TaxACT) "Feel the Free," 87%

8—Budweiser "Return of the King – Prohibition," 87%

9—Volkswagen "The Dog Strikes Back," 87%

10—(three-way tie) Coca Cola "Catch", Chrysler "Clint Eastwood" and E-Trade "Fatherhood," 86%

Not all advertisers, however, effectively tied their TV ads to social media for maximum buzz, even though several inundated viewers with Twitter hash tags, mobile contests and other measures, according to a review of the ads by Resource Interactive. The digital marketing agency said that one retailer that did an unusually good job of integrating TV and web-based social media was Best Buy Co. Inc., which directed TV viewers to BestBuy.com to access a $50 discount on the purchase of a mobile phone. Best Buy is No. 11 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

And some commercials attracted less praise from online consumers than other commercials did. Following are the commercials that received the lowest Zeta Buzz tonal ranking at this year’s Super Bowl, with the percentage of viewers who found them positive::

1—Lexus "GS," 62%

2—Hyundai "Think Fast," 73%

3—Chevy "Happy Grad," 73%

4—Cadillac "Green Hell," 75%

5—H&M "David Beckham," 75%

In a separate report by TiVo Inc., a provider of digital TV products and services, the following Super Bowl ads were found to be the most popular with viewers based on TiVo’s measurement of audience data of households using the TiVo digital program recording system:

1—Doritos, “Man’s Best Friend”

2—M&M’s, “Just My Shell”

3—Doritos, “Sling Baby’

4—Pepsi, “King’s Court”

5—Volkswagen, “The Dog Strikes Back”

6—NFL New Fantasy Game, “Will a Million Bucks”

7—Acura NSX, “Transactions”

8—Fiat 500 Abarth, “Seduction”

9—Chevy Camaro, “Happy Grad”

10—ETrade, “Fatherhood”


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