February 6, 2012, 11:25 AM

With more digital content to pull from, site search faces new demands

Site search must involve more than product data, an IRCE speaker says. 

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Chris Reighley

Online shoppers increasingly expect e-retailers to provide a more sophisticated site search experience that goes beyond simple product data, says Chris Reighley, director of e-commerce for Totes-Isotoner Corp., which sells umbrellas, rain gear, gloves, shoes and related items. He will speak in a session at Internet Retailer’s Conference & Exhibition 2012 in June entitled “Refining site search to meet your company’s needs.

“The ability for a consumer to find what they are looking for when they visit your site is a key indicator of customer satisfaction,” says Reighley. He says that on Totes-Isotoner.com, visitors may be searching for information beyond product data, such as brand information, user-generated content, social commentary and other rich digital content. “With the proliferation of digital content, we need to bring all our information together for the consumer.”

In the session, Reighly will discuss what it takes to ensure that the site search on Totes-Isotoner.com meets the needs of both shoppers and the company, as well as what he and his team do to keep  site search relevant and effective.  “I hope that attendees walk away with a framework of how they can turn their site search into a rich experience for their visitors, and turn those visitors into highly satisfied customers,” he says.

Internet Retailer’s editors asked Reighley to speak because he a veteran of the e-commerce and digital marketing industry with 16 years of experience. As director of e-commerce at Totes-Isotoner, he is responsible for overall digital strategy in the United States. Previously, he worked with top luxury apparel brands and also owned and operated several web-only stores.

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