January 10, 2012, 10:09 AM

WirelessWERX Introduces Mobile Consumer Tracking Solution for In-Store Consumer Analytics and Insights

WirelessWERX delivers real-time actionable business analytics using the most accurate and comprehensive Bluetooth tracking technology

ANAHEIM, CA—January 10, 2012—WirelessWERX, provider of in-store consumer insights, mobile applications and shopper traffic mapping solutions, today introduced its mobile consumer tracking solution, which provides retailers with graphical in-store consumer analytics and insights. Using the most accurate and comprehensive mobile tracking technologies available today, WirelessWERX not only delivers actionable analytics based on customer traffic patterns, but also delivers added value to interactive branded smartphone apps by enhancing in-store consumer promotions and rewards.

The new WirelessWERX mobile consumer tracking solution is currently in pilot at a leading Tier 1 retailer. WirelessWERX will be unveiling its solution at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show, January 16-17, at booth #2919.

WirelessWERX uses sensory nodes to identify locations of customers with mobile phones and other Bluetooth or wireless-enabled devices. The WirelessWERX technology provides retailers with real-time, in-store metrics and dashboards that show customer traffic paths, browse time and return visits. The technology can isolate sections of the store as small as a 3-foot radius, making it the most accurate location technology available today. Unlike other in-store tracking approaches, WirelessWERX's technology does not require that the customer download and enable a retailer’s application, helping to protect customers’ privacy and security. The signals utilized by WirelessWERX don’t contain any personal or identifiable information, such as phone numbers or names.

WirelessWERX’s simple ‘plug and play’ installation makes it easy for retailers to quickly implement and gain insight into consumer behavior that will allow them to make both short- and long-term merchandising, marketing and operational decisions. Graphical dashboards help organize and detail real-time data into actionable business analytics that enable retailers to:

* Increase sales. Retailers can combine and co-locate physical in-store merchandise locations based on traffic pathing patterns that show unique behaviors at different times of the day. This helps drive sell-through, and provides data that guides cross-sell/upsell opportunities as well as impulse purchases, increasing in-store sales and topline revenue.

* Improve resource allocation and customer service. Understanding traffic patterns and store-section volume helps drive store efficiency and resource allocation within departments as retailers see sections that are highly trafficked. This also allows retailers to increase customer satisfaction by staffing appropriately to engage with the optimal number of customers.

* Optimize store layout.  Retailers can increase revenue per square foot by optimizing store layout based on traffic patterns, including store signage and engagement kiosks. Using WirelessWERX’s pass-by traffic vs. dwell measurements, retailers will be able to re-align stores to get more physical department conversions within the store.

* Create a deeper understanding of your customers. Through graphical dashboards, retailers develop a deeper sense of how customers are engaged during their shopping experience, including how much time they spend in various zones. These insights can help calibrate marketing and promotional POS activities.

* Generate more in-store advertising revenue and co-op dollars. By understanding traffic pattern heat maps and density across the store throughout the day, retailers can charge more for brands to advertise in high traffic/density areas. Retailers can also use this data to feature brands and products that generate the highest margins or that provide co-op support.

WirelessWERX also adds a new level of value to retailers' branded mobile apps and loyalty programs by allowing them to create a virtual marketing inventory layer that follows the customer through the store. Once the customer has entered the store and has opted into receiving push notifications, retailers can offer “just in time” promotions for products and brands in close proximity to the customer, and can also allow store associates to greet the customer by name. WirelessWERX adds that extra level of value that helps retailers provide the best, most engaging customer shopping experience possible.

“WirelessWERX delivers the most accurate, insightful customer tracking solution available to retailers, leveraging the mobile devices that consumers carry throughout the store," said Patrick Blattner, Chief Product Officer of WirelessWERX. “By collecting highly detailed traffic data and integrating this technology with their companies’ branded loyalty apps, retailers can make the in-store experience engaging, interactive and rewarding for consumers, while increasing sales and profitability.”

To schedule a time to meet with WirelessWERX executives during NRF, please contact WirelessWERXPR@ketnergroup.com.

About WirelessWERX

WirelessWERX provides retailers with the most comprehensive and accurate mobile tracking technology backed by graphical in-store consumer analytics and insights. Through WirelessWERX’s patented Bluetooth tracking technology, retailers can directly enhance their smartphone apps’ in-store consumer promotions and rewards. WirelessWERX delivers consumer foot traffic data and analytics on-demand and in an easy-to-use format with graphical dashboards that allow retailers to monitor foot traffic and heat maps over a set period of time to determine the best operational efficiencies, such as store layout and staffing. To learn more, visit www.wirelesswerx.com.


Jeff Ketner or Caitlin New

Ketner Group (for WirelessWERX)



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