December 29, 2011, 11:10 AM

A very Kindle Christmas

Amazon says it sold more than 4 million Kindles in December.

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The Kindle Fire Inc. said today that consumers bought “well over” one million Kindle devices each week in December, which means the e-retailer sold at least four million devices in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Vague as this number may be, it is the first time the e-retailer has released any sales numbers for its Kindle devices. 

The Kindle device family includes the Kindle Fire tablet computer, which the e-retailer began shipping in mid-November. Amazon says the $199 Fire tablet was its top-selling product, based on the number of units sold, during the holiday season and that it was also the top-selling product on Amazon’s mobile web site and mobile apps. Susquehanna Financial Group senior investment analyst Herman Leung estimated in November that Amazon would ship four million Kindle Fires during the fourth quarter, an estimate he called conservative.

The other products in the Kindle family are e-book reading devices. Amazon says Kindle Touch, which sells for $99 for an ad-supported version and for $139 ad-free, was its No. 2 seller in December. Amazon says Kindle, which sells for $79 with ads and $109 without, was its No. 3 seller in December. With all the new Kindles unwrapped Christmas morning, Amazon says Christmas Day was the biggest day ever for Kindle book downloads.

Leung estimated Amazon would sell 13.5 million Kindle-brand devices in Q4, bringing the total number of Kindle owners to more than 28 million. He expects Amazon’s 2011 e-book sales to reach $3.3 billion, and device sales to contribute another $2.96 billion.

“We are grateful to our customers worldwide for making this the best holiday ever for Kindle,” says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. is the No. 1 retailer in Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide.  

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