December 28, 2011, 2:18 PM takes a swing at mobile commerce

The retailer expects mobile traffic to its web site to double within a year.

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The site makes it easy for consumers to search and have quick access to the shopping thanks to a persistent navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. teed off its mobile commerce efforts with the debut in November of a mobile-optimized web site, which it found necessary to ensure the growing number of consumers visiting the site via their mobile devices can shop easily.

Currently about 15% of the retailer’s web site traffic originates on a mobile device, says’s Todd Messineo. The company also has a bricks-and-mortar store in Joliet, Ill. He says he expects that percentage to grow to as much as 30% within a year. “It will be the fastest-growing channel we have,” Messineo says. “We understand that we need to change with our customers and now, more than ever, our customers are mobile.”

The home page of’s mobile commerce site features a search box just below the company’s logo with product categories listed in horizontal bars below that. A tap on a product category bar opens a more detailed set of items within that category. For example, tapping Golf Grips opens a new page where consumers can select Standard Grips, Oversized Grips, Putter Grips, Closeout Grips and Grip Supplies to load detailed product pages.

Designing the site so that the user interface operated smoothly and checkout was easy were most important, Messineo says. To achieve that the site employs a three-button navigation bar across the bottom of all screens with links to the shopping cart, an expedited checkout and the user’s account details. When tapping on the shopping cart, the m-commerce site prompts the user to verify the items before checking out. The expedited checkout, called Fast Lane, takes the user directly to the shipping and payment page.

The m-commerce site also has a role in’s e-mail marketing campaign, Messineo says. “When our customers get our deals via e-mail they can instantly purchase quickly and easily on their phones and not wait until they get back to work or home,” he says. The e-mails contain links to products. The e-mail subscription is promoted on’s e-commerce site, next to a promotional message for the m-commerce site.

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