December 20, 2011, 3:16 PM

GetResponse Solves E-mail Design Testing Problem

etResponse Inbox Preview lets marketers check subject line, header and pre-header, images, unsupported file formats, corrupted HTML and other elements that may need adjustments.

WILMINGTON, DE, December 20, 2011 - GetResponse, the leading email marketing provider, today announced the launch of Inbox Preview, a new feature that enables email marketers to check screenshots of their email newsletter as it will appear on over 20 major email clients. Inbox Preview is being offered FREE with every new account created during a GetResponse Holiday Promotion, now through January 2nd, 2012.

“We have always recognized that, with the proliferation of email providers and browsers, often there can be distortions in how email creatives are rendered in some platforms,” said Simon Grabowski, founder of GetResponse and CEO of Implix. “Email marketers faced the extremely frustrating task of setting up many email accounts for the sole purpose of testing their campaigns to detect visual problems in advance. New GetResponse Inbox Preview lets them preview email messages on major email clients with just one click.”

Each Internet service provider (ISP) places different constraints on email display. In addition, ISPs constantly change, enhance, and update different elements in their own email delivery platforms. With each change, there is the possibility that a creative that looked great last week may contain distortions in today’s version of a particular email platform.

GetResponse Inbox Preview lets marketers check subject line, header and pre-header, images, unsupported file formats, corrupted HTML and other elements that may need adjustments. The program tests multiple email platforms in multiple browsers, including:


- Yahoo (Firefox, Internet Explorer)

- Gmail (Firefox, Internet Explorer)

- Hotmail (Firefox, Internet Explorer)

- AOL (Firefox, Internet Explorer)

- (Firefox)

- Opera Mail (Windows)

- Mail 5.1 (Mac OS X)

- Outlook 2003 & 2007 & 2010 (Windows)

- Outlook Express (Windows)

- Thunderbird 2 & 3 (Windows)

- Windows Live Mail (Windows)

- Windows Mail (Windows)


Instead of being a time-consuming manual chore that often is neglected in all but the most disciplined email marketing departments, Inbox Preview is now a one-click operation that even one-person operations can use with ease.

“The reason we attacked this problem is because an email that is spoiled visually will have reduced credibility in the eyes of the recipient. In fact, it may as well not be delivered,” said Mr. Grabowski. “Fixing this problem is part of our overall mission to maximize the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. We expect that this new process will help boost click-through-ratios (CTR) and enhance overall conversion ratios.”

During a Holiday Promotion, GetResponse Inbox Preview is available free in every new GetResponse account. Create the account at:

GetResponse, the world's easiest email marketing platform, includes intuitive solutions and services designed to increase email marketing ROI for small businesses and enterprise customers. GetResponse now serves over 210,000 active users from 183 countries, delivering 10 billion permission-based emails per year.  Clients include: GSK, Intercontinental, University of Arkansas, Vemma, Carrefour.  For more information, please visit



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