December 16, 2011, 10:00 AM

Retailers put out the ‘help wanted’ sign for e-commerce technology workers

54.6% of web merchants plan to expand their e-commerce staffs next year.

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Hiring more e-commerce employees is a top budgeting priority next year for many online retailers, according to research contained in Internet Retailer’s new 2012 Complete Guide to E-Commerce Technology. The research finds that 54.6% of web merchants plan to expand their e-commerce staffs next year. Of those, 26.9% will add one new employee, 51.9% from two to five employees, 9.6% from five to 10 and 11.6% more than 10.

Most online retailers taking part in the research operate their e-commerce program with a small staff—29.2% have just one full-time employee, compared with 38.5% from two to five, 14.6% from five to 10, 4.2% from 10 to 20, 2.1% from 20 to 50 and 6.3% more than 50. (5.1% outsource e-commerce entirely and have no employees dedicated to the web.)

But regardless of their size most web merchants are looking to hire specialists, especially programmers. 36.1% of retailers say their biggest personnel need is for more programmers, followed by 20.6% with a top priority of hiring more search engine marketing or site optimization employees, and 19.6% needing more designers.

The top e-commerce decision-maker at 57.3% of companies participating in the survey published in the 2012 Complete Guide to E-Commerce Technology is the CEO or president. But hiring more seasoned e-commerce professionals or bringing in talented newcomers that can be trained on the job is just one item on a big list of technology spending decisions the top e-retailing manager will make in 2012.

E-commerce executives will also be deciding how best to expand mobile commerce, fully integrate their e-commerce infrastructure and deploy a new platform. The survey finds 71.9% of merchants will invest more in mobile commerce next year, including 14.7% that will spend $100,000 or more on mobile shopping initiatives. 56.2% of merchants also expect to replace their e-commerce platform in the next 24 months, including 13.5% in the next year and 22.9% within six months.

The fact-filled 416-page 2012 Complete Guide to E-Commerce Technology contains business profiles and vital product, pricing and retailer client details on more than 1,200 application developers and service providers in 23 e-commerce market segments. The Guide also contains the names and contact information of 4,000 executives at all of America's e-commerce technology vendors.  Click here for more information about the contents and to order.

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